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623.  Nouvelle Relation de l’Afrique occidentale.  Par Labat.  Paris, 1728. 5 vols. 12mo.—­Though Labat never visited the countries he describes, which are, Senegal, and those that lie behind Cape Blanc and Sierra Leone; yet as he derived his information from the Director General of the French African Company, it may be depended upon.  This work enters into full particulars on the subject of African commerce, especially that carried on by the Moors in the interior.  The plants, animals, soil, &c. as well as the religion, government, customs, manufactures are also described.

624.  Histoire Naturelle du Senegal.  Par M. Adanson.  Paris. 1757. 4to.—­M.  Adanson was in this part of Africa, from 1749 to 1753; his chief study and investigation seems to have been directed to conchology; and the descriptions and admirable plates in his book, certainly leave little to be desired on this subject.  There are besides remarks on the temperature, productions, economy, and manufactures of the country.

625.  Nouvelle Histoire de l’Afrique Francaise.  Par M. l’Abbe Dumanet.  Paris, 1767. 2 vols. 12mo.—­Dumanet was a missionary in Africa, and seems to have united to religious zeal, much information, and an ardent desire to gain all the knowledge, which his residence and character placed within his reach.  His notices regarding Senegal in particular, are very valuable, but his work is not distinguished for order or method.

626.  Relations de plusieurs Voyages entrepris a la Cote d’Afrique, au Senegal, a Goree, &c. tirees des Journeaux de M. Saugnier.  Paris, 1799. 8vo.—­M.  Saugnier was shipwrecked on the Coast of Africa, along with M. Follies, and was a long time a slave to the Moors, and the Emperor of Morocco:  he afterwards, on his liberation, made a voyage to Galam.  The first part of his work relates to the great desert, and has been already noticed; the second part describes the manners, &c. of several tribes near Galam; and the third relates to the commerce of Galam and Senegal.

627.  Voyage au Senegal, 1784-5.  Paris, 1802. 8vo.—­The materials of this work were drawn from the Memoirs of La Jaille, who was sent by the French Government to examine the coasts from Cape Blanc, to Sierra Leone.  The editor, La Barthe, had access to the MS. in the bureau of the minister of marine and colonies, and was thus enabled to add to the accuracy and value of the work.  It chiefly relates to geography, navigation, and commerce, and on all these topics gives full and accurate information.

628.  Fragmens d’un Voyage dans l’Afrique occidentale, 1785-87.  Par Golbery.  Paris, 1802. 2 vols. 8vo.—­The French commercial establishments in Senegal, the tribes in their vicinity, and the diseases to which Europeans are liable in this part of Africa, and more particularly the topics of this work, which has been translated into English.

629.  Account of the native Africans in the neighbourhood of Sierra Leone.  By T. Winterbottom, 1803. 2 vols. 8vo.—­A very instructive work, entering into many details on subjects not generally noticed by travellers, but to which, the thoughts and enquiries of the author, as a medical man, were naturally drawn.

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