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with Templeman’s notes, published and translated under the inspection of the Royal Society of London, 1757, 2 vols. folio.—­Norden was a Danish physician; his work was originally published in that language.  A French translation was published at Copenhagen, in 1755; and a subsequent one at Paris in 1795-98, in 3 vols. 4to. with very valuable notes and illustrations from ancient and modern authors, and Arabian geographers, by Langles.  The merits of Norden’s work, are of the most enduring and substantial kind, so far as relates to the Antiquities of Egypt, and the Cataracts:  it is high and unequivocal commendation of this author, that subsequent travellers have found him a judicious and sure guide.

615.  Legh’s Journey in Egypt, and the Country beyond the Cataract, 1816, 4to.—­In a small compass, there is much new information in these Travels, though not so much respecting the ancient country of the Ethiopians, in which Mr. Legh went beyond most former travellers, as could have been wished.  Some parts of the personal narrative are uncommonly interesting.

616.  Belzoni’s Operations and Discoveries in Egypt, 4to. 1820.—­Whoever has read this book, (and who has not?) will agree with us in opinion, that its interest is derived, not less from the manner in which it is written, the personal adventures, and the picture it exhibits of the author’s character, than from its splendid and popular antiquarian discoveries.

617.  Edmonston’s Journey to two of the Oases of Upper Egypt, 1823. 8vo.

618.  Notes during a Visit to Egypt, Nubia, &c.  By Sir F. Henniker, 8vo. 1823.

619.  Waddington’s Journal of a Visit to some parts of Ethiopia, 1823. 4to.

620.  Narrative of the Expedition to Dangda and Sennaar.  By An American. 1823. 8vo.—­These works, and especially the last, make us acquainted with parts of Africa inaccessible to Europeans till very lately, and add considerably to our stock of physical and moral geography.  Sir F. Henniker’s work brings us in contact, in a very lively and pleasing manner, with many points in the character and habits of the natives of the country he visited.


622.  Voyages de Aloysio Cadamosto aux Isles Madere, et des Canaries au Cap Blanc, au Senegal, &c. en 1455. 4to.  Paris, 1508.—­This work was originally published in Italian; its author was employed by Don Henry of Portugal, to prosecute discovery on the Western Coast of Africa.  Besides an interesting detail of the voyage, it makes us acquainted with the manners and habits of the people, before they had been accustomed to European intercourse.

622.  Voyage de Lybie, ou du Royaume de Senegal, fait et compose par C. Jannequin, de retour en France, in 1659.  Paris, 1645. 8vo.—­This also is an interesting work, as depicting with great naivete and force the manners of the inhabitants, and affording some curious particulars respecting their diseases.

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