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608.  Nouvelle Relation d’un Voyage en Egypte.  Par Wansleb. 1672-73.  Paris, 1678. 12mo.—­Wansleb was a German, sent into Egypt and Ethiopia by the Duke of Saxe Gotha, to examine the religious rites and ceremonies of the Christians there.  He was afterwards sent again into Egypt by Colbert; the fruit of this journey was a great number of curious and valuable manuscripts, which were deposited in the Royal Library at Paris.  Besides the work just stated, he published in Italian “Relatione dello Stato presente dell’ Egypto”.  Pans, 1671. 12mo.—­Both these works are particularly useful and instructive on the subject of antiquities, and for the accuracy of the descriptions and names he gives to the different places and ruins.

609.  Description de l’Egypte, composee sur les Memoires de M. Maillet.  Paris, 1741. 2 vols. 12mo.—­Maillet was French Consul at Cairo for sixteen years:  his work is valuable on antiquities, and the religion of the ancient and modern Egyptians.  It may also be consulted with advantage for information on the manners and customs; but in what he relates regarding the Nile and natural history, he is not so accurate and judicious.

610.  Lettres sur l’Egypte.  Par M. Savary.  Paris, 1786. 3 vols. 8vo.—­This work, very celebrated and much read for some time after it appeared, and translated into English, German, Dutch, and Swedish, gradually lost the character it had acquired; partly because his descriptions were found to be overcharged and too favourable, and partly because he describes Upper Egypt as if he had visited it, whereas he never did.  Nevertheless, the learning and judgment which this author displays in drawing from scarce and little known Arabic authors, curious notices respecting ancient and modern Egypt, give to the work an intrinsic and real value, which is not affected by the observations we have made.

611.  Voyage dans la Haute et Basse Egypte.  Par Sonnini.  Paris, 1799. 3 vols. 8vo.—­This work deservedly bears a high character for the accuracy and fulness of its natural history; especially its ornithology:  antiquities, manners and customs, are by no means overlooked:  there are two translations into English,—­the one published by Debrett, 1800, 4to. is the best; it was afterwards published in 3 vols. 8vo.

612.  Voyage dans la Haute et Basse Egypte.  Par Denon.  Paris, 1802. 2 vols. folio.

613.  Description de l’Egypte, ou Recueil des Observations, &c. faites pendant l’Expedition de l’Armie Francaise, en 3 livraisons.  Paris, 1809, &c.

These magnificent works, the result of the observations and researches of the savans who accompanied Bonaparte, undoubtedly add much to our knowledge of Egypt; but they are more decidedly specimens of French vanity and philosophism, than of sober and real science.  Denon’s work is translated into English and German:  the best English translation is by Aikin.

614.  Norden’s Travels in Egypt and Nubia,

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