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592.  Histoire de la Mission des Peres Capuchins, au royaume de Maroc. 1644. 12mo.

593.  Relation des Etats du Roi de Fez et de Maroc, par Frejus.  Paris, 1682. 12mo.—­Frejus was sent by the French King to Fez in 1666, for the purpose of establishing a commercial intercourse:  his work is full and particular on the manners, customs, &c., of the country and people of this part of Africa; there is, besides, much curious information drawn from the observations of M. Charant, who lived 25 years in Fez and Morocco, respecting the trade to Tombuctoo.  The coasts, currents, harbours, &c., are also minutely described.  The French edition of 1682, and the English translation of 1771, contain the letters of M. Charant, giving the results of his information on these points.

594.  Recherches Historiques sur les Maures, et Histoire de l’Empereur de Maroc, par Chenier.  Paris, 1788. 3 vols. 8vo.  M. Chenier was Charge des Affaires from the King of France to the Emperor of Morocco.  The two first volumes are historical; in the third volume there is much valuable information on the physical, moral, intellectual, commercial, and political state of this kingdom.

595.  Histoire du Naufrage, et de la Captivite de M. de Brisson.  Paris, 1789. 8vo.  This work, together with the travels of Saugnier, is translated into English; it contains a description of the great desert.  This singular portion of Africa is also particularly described in the following works.

596.  Voyage dans les Deserts de Sahara, par M. Follies Paris, 1792. 8vo.

597.  Travels or Observations relating to several parts of Barbary and the Levant, by T. Shaw. 1757. 4to.—­The character of this work, for the information it contains in antiquities and natural history, is too well known and firmly established to require any particular notice or commendation.  Algiers, Tunis, Syria, Egypt, and Arabia Petrea, were the scene of these travels and researches.

598.  A Journey to Mequinez, by J. Windhus. 1723. 8vo.  In 1721, Captain Stewart was sent by the English government to Fez and Morocco to redeem some captives; this work, drawn up from the observations made during this journey, is curious:  the same remark applies generally to the other works, which are drawn from similar sources, and of which there are several in French and English.

599.  History of the Revolution in the Empire of Morocco in 1727-8, by Captain Braithwaite. 1729. 8vo.  Besides the historical details, the accuracy of which is undoubted, as Braithwaite was an eye-witness of the events he describes, this work gives us some valuable information on the physical and moral state of the people.

600.  Lemprieres Tour from Gibraltar to Tangier, Sals, Mogador, &c., and over Mount Atlas, Morocco, &c. 1791.—­The author of this work, (who was a medical man, sent by the Governor of Gibraltar at the request of the Emperor of Morocco, whose son was dangerously ill,) possessed, from the peculiar circumstances in which he was placed, excellent opportunities of procuring information; the most interesting and novel parts of his work relate to the haram of the Emperor, to which, in his medical character, he had access; the details into which he enters, respecting its internal arrangements and the manners of its inhabitants, are very full and curious.

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