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570.  Voyage Pittoresque et Historique de l’Espagne.  Par La Borde.  Paris, 4 vols. fol.

571.  Itineraire Descriptif de l’Espagne.  Par La Borde.  Paris, 1809. 5 vols. 8vo.

572.  Lettres sur l’Espagne, ou Essais sur les Moeurs, les Usages, et la Literature de ce Royaume.  Par Beauharnois.  Paris, 1810. 2 vols. 8vo.

573.  A Visit to Spain in the latter part of 1822, and the first four Months of 1823.  By Michael Quin. 8vo. 1823.—­A sensible and impartial view of the state of Spain at this interesting period; giving much insight into the character of the Spaniards.

574.  Reise beschriebung durch Spanien und Portugal.  Von M. Zeiller.  Ulm, 1631. 8vo.

575.  Reise beschrieburg nach Spanien.  Franchfort, 1676. 8vo.—­These two works are chiefly valuable for that which gives interest and value to all old travels; as describing manners, &c. at a distant period.

576.  Neueste reise durch Spanien.  Von Volkman.  Leipsic, 1785. 2 vols. 8vo.—­Arts, manufactures, commerce and economy.

577.  Nieuve Historikal en Geographische Reise beschryving van Spanien en Portugal.  Don W. Van den Burge.  Hague, 1705. 2 vols. 4to.

578.  Descripcion de Espana de Harif Alcides Coneido.  Madrid, 1799. 4to.—­This work, by the geographer of Nubia, as he is generally called, is extremely interesting from the picture it gives of Spain under the Moors.  It was translated by D.J.A.  Conde, who has added notes, comparing its state at that remote period, and in 1799.

579.  Ponz Viage de Espana.  Madrid, 1776, &c. 18 vols. 12mo.—­Full of matter of various kinds, but tedious and dry.

580.  Introduccion a la Historia natural y geographia-fisico del Reyno de Espana.  Par D. Guill.  Bowles.—­The Italian translation of this work, Parma, 1783. 8vo. (the nature of which is sufficiently indicated by the title) contains a commentary and notes by the translator, A. Zara, which adds to its value, in itself not small.

581.  Descrizione della Spagna di Don A. Conca.  Parma, 1793-7. 4 vols. 8vo.—­This work is chiefly devoted to the fine arts, of which it enters into a full and minute description.  There are also notices of antiquities, and natural history.  It is admirably printed by Bodoni.



582.  Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in Africa.  By the late John Leyden, M.D., enlarged and completed to the present time by Hugh Murray, Esq., 2 vols. 8vo. 1817.—­A useful, correct, and, in general, accurate and complete compilation, which satisfies the purpose and promise held out in the title.

583.  Leoni Africani totius Africae Descriptionis.  Lib.  VIII.  Leyd. 1682. 8vo.—­This work was originally written in Arabic, then translated into Italian by the author, and from Italian into Latin, French, Dutch, and English.  The Italian translation is the only correct one:  to the French, which is expanded into 2 vols. folio, and was published at Lyons in 1566, there are appended several accounts of Voyages and Travels in Africa.  Leo was a Spanish Moor, who left Spain at the reduction of Grenada, and travelled a long time in Europe, Asia, and Africa:  his description of the northern parts of Africa is the most full and accurate.

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