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560.  Twiss’s Travels through Portugal and Spain, 1772-73. 4to.—­Literary, antiquarian, and descriptive of manners, customs, and national characters.

561.  Dalrymple’s Travels through Spain and Portugal, 1774.  Dublin, 1777. 12mo.

562.  Southey’s Letters on Spain and Portugal, 1797. 8vo.—­Literature and manners; but in a manner not worthy of the author’s talents and reputation.

563.  Ed. Clarke’s Letters on the Spanish Nation, 1765. 4to.—­The author was chaplain to Lord Bristol, in his Spanish Embassy.  Antiquities and Spanish literature; in the Appendix there is a catalogue of MSS. in the library of the Escurial.

564.  Swinburne’s Travels through Spain, 1775-76. 2 vols. 8vo.  Roman and Moorish architecture are particularly attended to; this work is also valuable and instructive for its full details in every thing relating to Catalonia and Grenada, two of the most interesting provinces in Spain.

565.  Dillon’s Travels through Spain, 1782. 4to.—­Natural history and physical geography.

566.  Bourgoing’s Travels in Spain, with Extracts from the Essays on Spain.  By M. Peyren, 1789. 3 vols. 8vo.—­This is an excellent work, translated from the French.  The author, however, did not visit Catalonia or Grenada.  Natural history is not attended to; but all that relates to manufactures, the civil, political, and religious state of Spain, manners, literature and similar topics, is treated of fully and well.  The work of M. Peyren, from which extracts are given, is entitled Nouveau Voyage en Espagne, Paris, 1782. 2 vols. 8vo. and treats of antiquities, manners, commerce, public tribunals, &c.; it notices some cities and parts of Spain omitted, or but partially noticed by Swinburne and Bourgoing.  The work of the latter has also been added to by the following work, Voyage en Espagne, 1797-8.  Par C. A. Fischer.  Paris, 1800. 2 vols. 8vo.  Fischer also published in 1804. 8vo., Description de Valence, to complete his Travels in Spain.  Both these were originally published in German, and translated into French, by Cramer; and they both are most valuable additions to Bourgoing’s works.

567.  Townshend’s Journey through Spain, in 1786. 3 vols. 8vo.—­An excellent work, particularly on the economy, agriculture, manufactures, commerce, and general statistics of Spain.

568.  Voyage du ci-devant duc du Chatelet en Portugal, 1777.  Paris, 1798. 2 vols. 8vo.—­This work, which has been translated into English, was in reality written by M. Cormartin, one of the Vendean chiefs; it is very full and various, as well as excellent in its contents, embracing physical geography, agriculture, arts, sciences and manufactures, government, manners, religion, literature, &c., in short, every thing but antiquities and public buildings.

569.  Observations du Physique et de Medecine, faites en differens lieux de l’Espagne.  Par M. Thiery.  Paris, 1791. 2 vols. 8vo.—­This medical Tour contains much information on the climate, soils, geology of Spain; and on the food, domestic life of its inhabitants, particularly relating to Castile, Arragon, Navarre, Biscay, Gallicia and Asturia.  There is also a particular description of the quicksilver mine at Almaden, in La Mancha.

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