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Robert Kerr (writer)
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546.  Campbell’s Philosophical Survey of the South of Ireland, 1777. 8vo.

547.  Arthur Young’s Tour in Ireland, 1776-79. 2 vols. 8vo.—­An admirable picture of the agriculture and general state of Ireland at this period.

548.  Cooper’s Letters on the Irish Nation, 1800. 8vo.—­Manners, national character, government, religion principally; with notices on agriculture, commerce, &c.

549.  Account of Ireland, Statistical and Political.  By Edward Wakefield, 1812. 4to.—­An immense mass of information, chiefly relating to the agriculture, statistics, political and religious state of Ireland, not well arranged; and the bulk much increased by irrelevant matter.

550.  Robertson’s Tour through the Isle of Man, 1794. 8vo.

551.  Wood’s Account of the Past and Present State of the Isle of Man, 1811. 8vo.

552.  Falle’s Account of Jersey, 1734, 8vo.

553.  Berry’s History of Guernsey, with particulars of Alderney, Sark, and Jersey, 1815. 4to.

554.  Dicey’s Account of Guernsey, 1751. 12mo.

555.  Neueste reisen durch Schottland and Ireland.  Von Volkman.  Leip. 1784. 8vo.—­Economy, manufactures, and natural history.

556.  Briefe uber Ireland.  Von Kuttner, Leip. 1785, 8vo.—­This author published Travels in Holland and England, which, as well as the present, indicate an attentive, careful, and well-informed observer of manners, national character, and statistics.


Good travels in the Peninsula, especially in the English language, are by no means numerous, yet there are portions of it highly interesting in a physical point of view; and the Spanish national character, and manners, as well as the Roman and Arabian antiquities in Spain and Portugal, furnish ample and rich materials to the traveller.

557.  Memoirs of Lord Carrington, containing a Description of the Government and Manners of the present Portuguese, 1782. 8vo.

558.  Murphy’s Travels in Portugal, 1789-90. 4to.—­Monuments, public edifices, antiquities principally; the physical state of the country, its agriculture, commerce, arts, literature, &c. sensibly but not extensively.

559.  Link’s Travels in Portugal, 1797-99. 8vo.—­This work, originally published in German, consists in that language of 2 vols. 8vo.  There was likewise published in French, Paris, 1805. 1 vol. 8vo., Voyage en Portugal, par M. le Comte de Hoffmansegg,—­as a continuation of Link’s Travels, the Count having travelled in this country with Mr. Link, and continued in it after the latter left it.  Mr. Link being a distinguished natural historian, directed his attention chiefly to geology, mineralogy and botany; but he does not neglect other topics, and he has added a dissertation on the literature of Portugal, and on the Spanish and Portuguese languages.  The supplemental volume is also rich in natural history, and extends to an account of the manufactures, political institutions, &c. of Portugal.

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