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and unremitted industry, and kept from it by the same means.  The middle division recalls those ages, when it formed the link between the feeble commerce of the south of Europe, and of Asia and of the Baltic districts.  Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges then were populous and rich above most cities in Europe.  The whole of the Netherlands, especially Flanders, may be regarded as the birth-place of modern agriculture, which spread from it to England, where alone it flourishes in a vigorous and advanced state, but still in some points not to be compared to that of the country from which it came.  Such, with the admirable paintings of the Dutch School, are the chief objects that attract the traveller to the Netherlands, independently of the desire to study human nature, which here also will find ample materials.

470.  Descrizione di Ludovico Guicciardini di tutti Paesi Bassi.  Antwerp, 1501. fol.—­This work, which was translated into Latin, French, and Dutch, was written by the nephew of the historian; it is the result of his own travels in the Netherlands, and contains a full description of them, particularly of their principal towns, and their commerce.

471.  Observations on the United Provinces.  By Sir W. Temple. 8vo. & 12mo.—­Sir W. Temple was embassador at the Hague in 1668:  his little work contains much information on the history, government, manners, religion, commerce, &c. of the United Provinces.

472.  Travels in Flanders and Holland in 1781.  By Sir Joshua Reynolds.  Confined to pictures.

473.  Tour through the Batavian Republic during the last part of the year 1800.  By R. Fell. 1801. 8vo.—­This work gives an interesting picture of Holland and the Dutch at this period, besides historical and political details and observations on its connexion with France.

474.  Neue Beschriebung des Burgundischen und Neiderlan dischen Kreises.  Von Mart.  Leiller.  Ulm, 1649. 8vo.

475.  Statische-Geographische, Beschriebung der Semtlichen Esterreichischen Niederlande.  Von Crome.  Dessau, 1785. 8vo.

476.  Neueste Reisen durch die Sieben Vereinigten-Provinzen.  Von Volkman.  Leip. 1783. 8vo.—­This is a valuable work, comprising the arts, manufactures, agriculture, economy, manners, &c. of the United Provinces.

477.  Briefe uber die Vereinigten Niederlande.  Von Grabner.  Gothen, 1792. 8vo.

478.  Lettres sur la Hollande Ancienne et Moderne.  Par Beaumarchais.  Frankfort, 1738. 8vo.—­A good description of Holland and the Dutch, by a sensible and observant author:  principally relating to manners and politics.

479.  Lettres sur la Hollande, 1777-79.  La Haye, 1780. 2 vols. 12mo.—­This is by far the fullest, most minute, and, we believe, the most accurate picture of the Dutch national character, as exhibited in their manners, customs, cities, villages, houses, gardens, canals, domestic economy, pursuits, amusements, religion, &c.

480.  Histoire Geographique, Physique, Nationelle et Civile de la Hollande.  Par M. Le Francq de Berkhey, 1782. 4 vols. 12mo.—­This work was written in Dutch by the professor of Natural History in the University of Leyden, and on this topic and manners it is particularly instructive and interesting.

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