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448.  Collection des Statistiques de chaque Departement, imprimee par Ordre du Ministere du l’Interieure, au nombre de trente-quatre.

449.  Recherches Economiques et Statistiques sur le Departement de la Loire Inferieure.  Par J.R.  Heuet.  Nantes, 1804. 8vo.

450.  Statistique Elementaire de la France.  Par J. Peuchet.  Paris, 1805. 8vo.

451.  Essai sur les Volcans eteints du Vivarais.  Par Faujas de Saint Fond.  Paris, 1778. fol.

452.  Histoire Naturelle du Dauphine.  Par le Meme.  Grenoble, 1781. 4to.—­These works, the result of travels in the district to which they allude, are valuable to the mineralogist and geologist.

453.  Voyage en Provence.  Par M. l’Abbe Papou.  Paris, 1787. 2 vols. 12mo.—­The objects of these travels are historical, literary, and picturesque.

454.  Observations faites dans les Pyrenees.  Par Ramond.  Paris, 1789. 8vo.

455.  Voyage au Mont Perdu, et dans les Partes adjacentes des Hautes Pyrennees.  Par Raymond.  Paris, 1801. 8vo.—­Although these works principally relate to the formation, natural history, and meteorology of the Pyrennees, yet the dryness of scientific observation and research is most agreeably relieved by a lively picture of manners, as well as by the interesting personal adventures of the author in his attempts to reach the summit of the mountains.  There is an English translation of the former of these works.

456.  Voyage en 1787-88, dans la ci-devant Haute et Basse Auvergne.  Par Le Grand D’Aussy.  Paris, 1795. 3 vols. 8vo.

457.  Tableau de la ci-devant Provence D’Auvergne.  Par Rabine Beauregard, et P.M.  Gault.  Paris, 1802. 8vo.—­No district in France presents such a variety of interesting objects as Auvergne; its inhabitants, in their language, dress, manners, and mode of life; its agriculture, its natural history, and its antiquities of the classical and middle ages.  Le Grand D’Aussy treats well of all but the last, and this is supplied by the other work; its agriculture is more fully considered in the following: 

458.  Voyage Agronomique en Auvergne.  Paris, 8vo. 1803.

459.  Description du Departement de l’Oise.  Par Cambri.  Paris, 1803. 2 vols. 8vo.—­Agriculture, roads, canals, manufactures, commerce, antiquities, are treated of in this work in such a satisfactory manner, that the author of the Bibiotheque expresses a wish that all the departments were described as well as this, and the department of Finisterre by the same author, and Auvergne by Le Grand D’Aussy.

460.  Voyage Agronomique dans la Senatorerie de Dijon.  Par N. Francais de Neufchateau.  Paris, 1806. 8vo.

461.  Voyage dans le Jura.  Par Lequinio.  Paris, 1801. 8vo.—­Much information in agriculture, natural history, &c. is given by this author, in an unpleasant style, and with little regard to method.

462.  Voyage de Paris a Strasbourg.  Paris, 1802. 8vo.—­Relates to the agriculture and statistics of the departments through which the author travelled, and particularly the Lower Rhine.

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