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429.  Viaggio da Milano ai tre Laghi Maggiore, di Lugano, e di Como.  Del C. Amoretti.  Milan, 1803. 4to.—­Mineralogy, and especially the various species of marble, zoology, and manners and customs, are here described, as well as the celebrated lakes mentioned in the title.

430.  Spallanzani Lettere al Sig.  Marchese Luchesini, Sopre le Coste dell Adriatico.  Paris, 1789. 4 vols. 4to.


The author of the Bibliotheque des Voyages remarks, that no country in Europe has been so imperfectly described by travellers as France:  certainly, if we compare the descriptions they give of it with the descriptions given by travellers of other countries, there appears good ground for this observation.  And yet France offers a rich harvest for travellers of almost all kinds:  the customs and usages of the people; the general character so strongly stamped on the whole nation, and the various shades of it in different provinces; the effects that have been produced by the different events of their history, and especially by their revolution; all these things present to the traveller, who studies human nature, rich and ample materials.  To the geologist, the mineralogist, and botanist, especially to the former, France also is an interesting country, especially since Cuvier and other learned men in this department of science, have displayed the stores of important facts which France offers on this subject:  her agriculture, and especially her vine districts, present a source of interest of a different kind; while, in the southern provinces, her antiquities, though not numerous, attract by their beauty the man of taste.

431.  Matthaei Quadt Delicicae Gallicae, seu Itinerarium per Universam Galliam.  Frankfort, 1603. fol.

432.  Deliciae Galliae, seu Itinerarium in Universam Galliam, a Gasp.  Ens.  Cologne, 1609. 8vo.

433.  A Tour through the Western, Southern, and Interior Provinces of France.  By N.W.  Wraxall.  London, 1772. 8vo.—­This work bears all the characters of Mr. Wraxall’s other productions:  slight and superficial so far as manners are concerned:  offering no information on agriculture, statistics, or natural history; with, however, some interesting historical details.  It is noticed here, because the travels in France are so few, that even those of moderate merit must be admitted.

434.  Travels through France:  to which is added, a Register of a Tour into Spain in 1787-89.  By Arthur Young. 2 vols. 4to. 1792.—­This is a most valuable and useful work; for though the professed object of Mr. Young was agriculture, yet it abounds in well-drawn pictures of manners and national character, and it derives additional interest from having been performed at the commencement of the revolution.

435.  Journal during a Residence in France, from the beginning of August to the middle of December 1792.  By Dr. John Moore. 2 vols. 8vo.—­This work may be regarded in some measure as historical; yet it may also properly be placed here as exhibiting a strong picture of manners and feelings, as well as of events, at this interesting period.

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