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417.  Voyage Historique Litteraire et Pittoresque dans les Isles et Possessions ci-devant Venetiennes du Levant.  Par A. Grasset-Saint-Sauveur, jun.  Paris, 1800. 3 vols. 8vo.—­The author was French Consul at the Ionian Islands for many years; and hence he had opportunities which he seems to have employed with diligence and judgment, of gathering materials for this work, which, besides what its title indicates, enters fully into the agriculture, navigation, commerce, manners, &c.

418.  Histoire Geographique, Politique, et Naturelle, de la Sardignie.  Par D.A.  Azami.  Paris, 1801. 2 vols. 8vo.—­Of this island we know less than of any other part of Europe; it has been seldom explored, and still seldomer described.  There is certainly no work we are acquainted with, that gives such a complete and accurate account of this island and its inhabitants as Azami’s.

419.  Moeurs’ et Coutumes des Corses.  Par G. Faydel.  Paris, 1798. 8vo.—­Agriculture and natural history, rather popular than scientific; commerce and other similar topics are treated of in this work, though the title would lead us to expect only description of manners and customs.

420.  Voyage Antique a l’Etna, en 1819.  Par Gourbillon. 1820.—­Chiefly relating to the natural history, and meteorology of the mountain.

421.  Historisch Kritische Nachrichten von Italien.  Von J.J.  Volkman.  Leipsic, 1770—­1778. 3 vols. 8vo.—­Manners, customs, politics, commerce, the state of the arts and sciences are treated of in these volumes.

422.  Zusaetze zu der Neusten Reise Beschriebung von Italien.  Von J. Bernouilli.  Leip. 1777—­1782. 3 vols. 8vo.

423.  Darstellungen aus Italien.  Von F.J.L.  Meyer.  Berlin, 1792. 8vo.—­This is a romantic work for a German; the author actually luxuriates in the recollections called up by the country of Michael Angelo, Raphael, Palladio, &c., and in his contemplation of the scenes of the convulsions of nature, and of the most striking incidents in the classical and middle ages.  Independently of this extravagance of style, this work is valuable, especially in what relates to the Tyrol, where indeed his style is more simple.  It is translated into French.

424.  Briefe uber Calabrien und Sicilien.  Von J.H.  Bartels.  Gottingen, 1789-1792. 3 vols. 8vo.—­This is an excellent work on a part of the continent of Italy little known; the physical constitution of the country, natural productions, agriculture, manners, &c. are treated of in a sensible and pleasant manner.

425.  Brieven over Italien.  Door W.R.  Jansen.  Lugden, 1793. 8vo.—­We notice this work, principally because it relates to the state of medicine, as well as the natural history of Italy.

426.  Eichholz, neue Briefe uber italien. 4 vols. 8vo.  Zurich, 1806.

427.  Reise nach Dalmatien und Ragusa.  Von.  E.F.  Germar, 8vo.  Leip. 1817.

428.  Viaggio Geologico sur diversi Parti Meriodinali dell Italia.  Milan, 1804. 8vo.—­This work, by Pini, a naturalist of reputation, is instructive in the geology of the country between Modena and Florence, of the Campagna, and of part of Naples; there are also remarks on the antiquity and extent of the Italian Volcanoes.

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