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383.  Kleine Fuss-reisen durch die Schweitz.  Zurich, 1804. 2 vols. 8vo.—­Parts of Switzerland are here described, which are seldom visited, and can be thoroughly known only by foot travellers.

384.  Anleitung auf die nuzlichste und genussvollste art die Schweitz zu Bereisen.  Von J.C.  Ebel.  Zurich, 1804-5. 4 vols. 8vo.—­This most excellent work affords every kind of information which a person proposing to travel, or reside in Switzerland, would wish to acquire.  It has been translated into French under the title of Manuel du Voyageur en Suisse.  Zurich, 1818. 3 vols. 8vo.  This contains all the additions of the 3d German edition.


As the traveller descends the Alps, the first regions of Italy into which he passes present him with mountains subdued in size, and gradually passing from magnificence to grandeur and beauty; then the rich and luxuriant plains of Lombardy meet him with their improved agriculture, and in some places curious geology.  He next advances to those parts of Italy which are rich in the finest monuments of art, and associated with all that is interesting in the period of the revival of literature; with Dante, Boccacio, Petrarch, Ariosto, Tasso, and the Medici.  The proofs of commercial wealth, united with magnificence and taste, present themselves to him in the palaces of Genoa, Venice, and Florence; and he hears, on every side, the most classical tongue of modern Europe.
Rome, with which, in conjunction with Greece, the associations of his frank and enthusiastic youth have been deeply formed, next rises to view:  to the classical scholar, the antiquarian, the man of taste and virtue, the admirer of all that is most perfect in human conception, as brought into existence by the genius of Michael Angelo, and Raphael, this city affords rich and ample materials for study and description, though it is unable to excite that grandest feeling of the human breast, which is raised by the land of Leonidas and of Socrates.  Greece fought for liberty!  Rome for conquest!  The philosophy of Rome is less original, less pure and disinterested, less practical than that of Greece.
Through all this part of Italy the geologist finds materials for examination and conjecture, in the ridge of the Appennines:  and these, rendered still more interesting, accompany him into the Neapolitan territory, both continental and insular.

  Such are the principal subjects to which travellers have directed their
  attention in Italy; and the travels which chiefly relate to these
  subjects, and treat of them in the best manner, we shall select.

385.  Les Observations Antiques du Seigneur Symion, Florentin, en son dernier Voyage d’Italie, 1557.  Lyons, 1558. 4to—­The principal merit of this work consists in the description and engravings of several remains of antiquity, which no longer exist.

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