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369.  Lettres sur quelques Parties de la Suisse, &c.  Par J.A. de Luc.  Paris, 1785. 8vo.  Geological.

370.  Voyage de J.M.  Roland en Suisse, 1787:  incribed in the 3d vol. of her works.  Paris, 1800.—­This celebrated, but mistaken and unfortunate woman, has thrown into her narrative much information on the manners of the Swiss, anecdotes of Lavater, &c. besides giving a most lively account of her visit to the glaciers.

371.  Descriptions des Alpes Grecques et Cottiennes.  Par Beaumont. 2 vols. 4to.—­Part of this work is historical; the remainder embraces natural history, mineralogy, statistics, and manners.—­The same character applies to No. 357.

372.  Histoire Naturelle du Jurat et de ses Environs.  Par le Comte de Razoumousky.  Lausanne, 1789. 2 vols. 8vo.—­The lakes of Neufchatel, Morat, and Bienne, and part of the Pays de Vaud, are described in this work, which contains valuable information in meteorology, commerce, &c. besides natural history.

373.  Journal du dernier Voyage de Dolomieu dans les Alpes.  Par J.C.  Bruien-Neergard.  Paris, 1803. 8vo.—­The French government directed Dolomieu to examine the Simplon; he was accompanied by the author, a young Dane, his pupil.  Dolomieu died soon after his return:  this work, therefore, is not nearly so full as it would have been, had he lived to give his observations to the public.

374.  Lettre sur le Valais.  Par M. Eschasseraux.  Paris, 1806. 8vo.—­This work, written in a pleasing style, gives important information on the manners and natural history of this most interesting part of Switzerland.

375.  Voyage dans l’Oberland Bernois.  Par J.R.  Wyss.  Leipsic, 1818. 8vo.—­This work, translated from the German, is chiefly picturesque.

376.  Fodere, Voyage aux Alpes Maritimes.  Paris, 1820. 2 vols. 8vo.—­Agriculture, natural history, and the state of medicine, are the principal topics.

377.  Briefe aus der Schweitz, &c.  Von Andreae.  Zurich, 1776. 4to.—­Natural history, and a particular description of the celebrated bridge of Schaffhausen, and its mechanism, are what recommend this volume.  Bernouilli, in his travels in Switzerland, has copied Andreae in what relates to mineralogy and cabinets of natural history; but he has added some interesting descriptions of paintings.

378.  Kleine reisen durch einige Schweizer-Cantons.  Bale, 1780. 8vo.

379.  Letters on a Pastoral District, (the Valley of Samen in Fribourg).  By Bonstellen (in German).  Zurich, 1792. 8vo.

380.  Physikalesch-Politische Reisen, aus der Dinarischen durch die Julischen, &c. in die Norischen.  Alpen, 1781-83.  Von B. Hacquet.  Leipsic, 1784. 8vo.

381.  Malerische Reise in die Italianische Schweitz.  Von J.H.  Mayer.  Zurich, 1793. 8vo.—­Mayer, in this work, as well as in travels in Italy, has been very happy in picturesque description.

382.  Meine Wanderungen durch die Romanische Schweitz, Unterwaller und Savoyen. 1791.  Tubingen, 1793. 8vo.

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