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356.  Helvetia Profana et Sacra. 1642. 4to.—­This work by Scotti, which is written in English, depicts the manners of the Swiss a century after Marsus.

357.  Travels through the Rhaetian Alps.  By Beaumont, 1782, fol.—­Travels through the Pennine Alps, by the same, 1788. small folio, both translated from the French.

358.  Travels in Switzerland, and in the country of the Grisons, by the Rev. W. Coxe, 1791. 3 vols. 8vo.—­These travels were performed in 1776, and again in 1785 and 1787, and bear and deserve the same character as the author’s travels in Russia, &c., of which we have already spoken.  Mr. Coxe gives a list of books on Switzerland at the end of his 3d volume, which may be consulted with advantage.  There is a similar list at the end of his travels in Russia, &c.

359.  A Walk through Switzerland, in Sept. 1816. 12mo.—­The scenery and manners sketched with much feeling, taste, and judgment, in an animated style.

360.  Journal of a Tour and Residence in Switzerland.  By L. Simond. 1822. 2 vols. 8vo.—­A description of Switzerland and the Swiss, which brings them in a clearer and stronger point of view, to the presence and comprehension of the reader than most travels in this country:  though the range of observation and remark is not so extensive in this work, as in the author’s work on Great Britain; in every other respect it is equal to it.  The second volume is entirely historical.

The following French works particularly and accurately describe the natural history and the meteorology of the Swiss mountains and glaciers; the names of at least two of their authors must be familiar to our readers, as men of distinguished science.

361.  Histoire Naturelle des Glaciers de Suisse.  Paris, 1770. 4to.  Translated from the German of Gruner.

362.  Nouvelle Description des Glaciers.  Par M. Bourrit.  Geneva, 1785. 3 vols. 8vo.—­This work of Bourrit is chiefly confined to the Valais and Savoy, and its most important contents are given in the following work by the same author.

363.  Nouvelle Description des Glaciers de la Savoie, particulierement de la Vallee de Chamouny et du Mont Blanc. 1785, 8vo.—­This work contains an account of the author’s successful attempt to ascend the summit of Mont Blanc.  There are several other works of Bourrit on the Glaciers and Mountains of Savoy:  the latest and most complete is the following: 

364.  Descriptions des Cols ou Passages des Alpes.  Geneva, 1803. 2 vols. 8vo.

365.  Voyage dans les Alpes, precede d’un Essai sur l’Histoire Naturelle des Environs de Geneva.  Par Saussure.  Geneva, 1787—­1796. 8 vols. 8vo.

366.  Relation abregee d’un Voyage a la Cime du Mont Blanc, en Aout, 1787.  Par Saussure, Geneva. 8vo.

367.  Voyage Mineralogique en Suisse.  Lausanne, 1783-4. 8vo.

368.  Voyage Mineralogique dans le Gouvernement de l’Argh, et ne partie du Valais.  Lausanne, 1783. 8vo.—­The first of these works by Razoumousky, and the other by Behoumwesky, are valuable, as noticing those parts which Saussure has not noticed.

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