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333.  Die Donnau reise.  Ratesbonne. 1760. 8vo.—­These travels describe the banks of the Danube, and the streams which flow into it.

334.  Donnau Reise von Regensburgh bis Wein.  Montag. 1802. 8vo.—­The same remark applies to this work, only, as the title indicates, it is confined to the river and its streams, from Ratisbon to Vienna.

335.  Reise durch Ober-Deutschland, OEsterreich, Nieder Bayern, Ober Schwaben, Wirtemberg, Baden, &c.  Saltz. 1778. 8vo.

336.  Litterarische reisen durch einen theil von Bayern, Franken und die Schweitz, 1780-2.; Von Zapf.  Aug. 1782. 8vo.—­The same author published another literary tour among the convents of Swabia, and Switzerland, and Bavaria; and in other parts of Franconia, Bavaria, and Swabia, in 1782.  These tours are strictly literary; that is, have regard to MSS. and scarce editions, and are not scientific.

337.  Reise durch einige Deutsche Provinzen, von Hollenberg.  Stendal, 1782. 8vo.—­Architecture and mechanics are the topics of these travels.

  The following travels relate to the Hartz: 

338.  Geographische und Historische, Merkwurdigkeften des Ober Hartz.  Leip. 1741. 8vo.

339.  Reise nach dem Oberhartz.  Von J.C.  Sulzer.—­Inserted in a collection of travels published by J. Bernouilli.

340.  Reise nach dern Unterhartz. 1783.  Von Burgsdorf.—­In the natural history collection of Berlin.

341.  Reise durch Ober Saxen und Hessen, von J. Apelbad.  Berlin, 1785. 8vo.—­Apelbad, a learned Swede, published a Collection of Voyages in different Parts of Europe, in Swedish, Stockholm, 1762, 8vo; and Travels in Saxony, in the same language, Stockholm, 1757, 8vo.  There seems to have been another of the same surname, Jonas Apelbad, who published in Swedish, Travels in Pomerania and Brandenberg, Stockholm, 1757, 8vo.  The work, of which we have given the title in German, was translated by Bernouilli, who has greatly enhanced the merits and utility of the original by his remarks.  Bernoulli’s Collection of Travels,—­Samlung kleiner reise beschriebungen, Leips. 1781-7, 18 vols. 8vo., contains many interesting short narratives and descriptions, particularly relating to Germany.

342.  Reise durch die Norischen Alpen.  Von Hacquet.  Leips. 8vo. 1791.—­These travels, like the former by the same author, which we have mentioned, are chiefly botanical and mineralogical.

343.  Ausfluge nach dern Schnee-Berg in Unter-OEsterreich.  Vienna, 1800. 8vo.—­Botany, mineralogy, and what the Germans call economy, and technology, are principally attended to in this work.

344.  Wanderrungen und Spazierfahrten in die gegenden um Wien.  Vienna, 1802-4. 5 vols. 8vo.—­The title of this work would not lead the reader to expect what he will find; valuable notices on mineralogy, agriculture, arts, and manufactures, in the midst of light and lively sketches of manners, places of amusement, &c.

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