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The travels in this country, especially by its native inhabitants, are so numerous, that we must content ourselves with a scrupulous and limited selection;—­referring such of our readers as wish to consult a more copious catalogue, to “Ersch’s Literatur der Geschichte und deren Hulfswissenschaften.”  We shall follow our usual plan, selecting those travels which give the best idea of the country, at remote, intervening, and late periods.

313.  Martini Zeilleri, Itinerarium Germaniae nov-antiquae.  Strasb. 1632. 4to.

314.  Christ.  Dorrington’s Reflections on a Journey through some Provinces of Germany in 1698.  Lond. 1699. 8vo.

315.  The German Spy.  By Thomas Ledyart. 1740. 8vo.

316.  Keysler’s Travels through Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, and Lorrain.  Translated from the German, 1756. 2 vols. 4to.—­Keysler, though a German, was educated at St. Edmund’s Hall:  he travelled with the Count of Gleich and other noblemen.  His favourite study was antiquities; but his judgment, in those parts of his travels which relate to them, has been questioned.  His work, though heavy, is interesting from the picture it exhibits of Germany, &c. in the middle of the 18th century.

317.  Adams’s Letters on Silesia, during a Tour in 1800-2.  Philadelphia, 3 vols. 8vo.—­Mr. Adams was ambassador from the United States to Berlin:  his work contains some interesting information, especially on the manufactures of Silesia.

318.  Cogan’s Journey up the Rhine, from Utrecht to Frankfort. 2 vols. 8vo. 1794.—­The style of this work is lively and interesting:  its pictures of manners and scenery good; and it contains a learned disquisition on the origin of printing.  Dr. Cogan resided the greater part of his life in Holland.

319.  Travels in the North of Germany.  By Thomas Hodgskin, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 1820.—­That part, of Germany between the Elbe and the frontiers of Holland is here described:  the topic is rather new; and Mr. H. has given us much information on the agriculture, state of society, political institutions, manners, &c.; interspersed with remarks, not in the best taste, or indicating the soundest judgment or principles.

320.  Letters from Mecklenberg and Holstein, 1820.  By G. Downes. 8vo.—­This being a part of Germany seldom visited, every thing relating to it is acceptable.  Mr. Downes’s work is, however, not so full and various as might have been expected:  on manners and German literature it is most instructive.

321.  An Autumn near the Rhine, or Sketches of Courts, Scenery, and Society, in Germany, near the Rhine, 1821. 8vo.—­The title indicates the objects of this volume, which bespeaks an observant and intelligent mind.

322.  Travels from Vienna, through Lower Hungary.  By Dr. Bright. 1817. 4to.—­Agriculture and statistics form the principal topics of this volume, which would have been equally valuable and much more interesting if the matter had been more compressed.

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