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257.  Georgi Geographische, Physicalische und Naturhistorische, Beschriebung des Russischen Reichs.  Koning. 3 vols. 4to.—­This work of uncommon labour and research, treats of the geography, physical, and natural history of Russia, divided into zones, each of which will be separately described, when the work is completed.

258.  Gmelin, Reisen durch Russland.  Peters. 1770-4. 3 vols. 4to.—­Of the Travels of Lepechin, the other associate of Pallas, which were performed 1768-1771, and published in Russian, there is a German translation.  Altenburgh, 1774. 3 vols. 4to., of which we have not been able to procure the exact title.

259.  Reise von Volhynien nach Cherson en Russland, 1787.  Von J.C.  Maeller.  Hamb. 8vo.

260.  Bemerkungen uber Russland en rucksicht auf wissen-schaften Kunst, Religion.  Von J.J.  Bollerman.  Erfurt. 1788. 8vo.

261.  Mineralogische, Geographische, und andere vermischte, Nachrechten von der Altaischen Gebirgen.  Von H.M.  Renovanz.  Freyberg. 1789. 4to.

262.  Tableau Historique et Statistique de l’Empire Russie a la fin du 18me siecle.  Par H. Storch.  Paris, 1800. 2 vols. 8vo.—­This work, by the author of the Picture of Petersburgh, well known to the English reader, is admitted here for the same reason which gave insertion to Tooke’s Russia.  It is, however, we believe, not yet complete according to the original plan of the author; and the French translation only comprises what relates to the physical and civil state of the inhabitants.  Storch’s Work, in conjunction with that of Georgi, on the geography and natural history of Russia, will comprise all that is interesting respecting this vast country.

263.  Polonia, sive de Situ, Populis Moribus, &c.  Poloniae a Mart.  Cromero.  Cologne. 1578. 4to.

264.  Sarmatiae Europeae Descriptio. ab Alex.  Gaguin.  Spire, 1581. fol.

265.  Reise durch Pohlnische Provinzen.  Von J.H.  Carosi.  Leip. 8vo.—­These travels are chiefly mineralogical.

266.  Nachrichten uber Pohlen.  Von J.J.  Kausch.  Saltz. 1793. 8vo.

267 Letters, Literary and Political, on Poland. 1823. 8vo.—­Rather feebly written, and too minute on uninteresting points; in other respects valuable, as relating to a country of which we know comparatively little.


The countries of Europe, the travels into which we have hitherto enumerated, do not present very various and numerous objects of research.  In Scandinavia the natural historian, especially the mineralogist, will be chiefly interested.  The vast extent of the Russian empire also affords objects of curious and novel research to the botanist and zoologist, few to the mineralogist.  The Salt Mines of Poland afford the principal objects of investigation to scientific travellers in this country.  Manners, habits, political institutions, and religion, of
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