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and encouragement to these enquiries:  a number of men, well qualified for the undertaking, were sent to investigate the state of each district, especially its natural history, and the addition to the national strength and wealth which might be drawn from it.  When the name of Pallas is mentioned as one of the scientific men employed for this purpose, and empowered to direct the enquiries of his associates, and to revise them, in it a sufficient pledge is given of the accuracy and value of their labours.

249.  Michalonis Lithuani de Moribus Tartarorum, Lithuanorum et Moschorum Fragmenta.  Basle, 1615. 4to.—­We notice this work as exhibiting a lively picture of the manners of these nations at this period.  The same reason induces us to notice the following.  Indeed, the chief interest of these old works, and it is no languid one, is derived from being introduced into the midst of ancient manners and people.

250.  Ulfedii Legatio Moscovitica.  Franck. 1617. 4to.—­This work, which particularly notices the Tartar tribes at that time subject to Russia, proves, by a comparison with what Pallas relates of them, that their manners, customs, and acquirements had been quite stationary for nearly 150 years.

251.  State of Russia.  By Captain Perry.  London, 1716. 8vo.—­Captain Perry, who visited Russia in 1706-12, at the request of Peter the Great, to assist in the formation of a fleet, navigable canals, &c., has in this work given an accurate account of this vast empire; the first indeed that may be said to have introduced a knowledge of it into England.

252.  View of the Russian Empire during the reign of Catherine II.  By the Rev. W. Tooke. 3 vols. 8vo.—­As this work is drawn up from a personal knowledge of the country, and aided by access to the best authorities, we have admitted it into the Catalogue, though not exactly falling within the description of travels.  It is full of matter, physical, statistical, political, commercial, &c.; but heavily written, and displaying rather extent and accuracy of research, than a perspicuous and profound mind.

  The following are the principal works by Pallas and his associates, or
  works undertaken with similar objects.  They require no particular
  criticism, after the general notice we have given of them.

253.  Reisen durch verschiedene Provinzen des Russischen Reichs, 1768. 1773.  Peters. 3 vols. 4to.

254.  Bemerkungen auf einer Reise in die Sudlichen Statthalterschaften des Russischen Reichs, 1793, 1794.—­Of these travels by Pallas, the last is more particularly devoted to science, and therefore is interesting to general readers.  Both have been translated into French, and the travels in 1793-4, into English.

255.  Georgi Bemerkungen auf einer Reise im Russischen Reichs, 1772—­1774.  Peters. 1755. 2 vols. 4to.

256.  Georgi Beschriebung alter Nation des Russischen Reichs.  Leipsic. 2 vols. 4to.

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