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243.  Lettres sur le Danemark.  Par Mallet.  Geneve, 1767. 2 vols. 8vo.—­This work is worthy of the author, whose introduction to the History of Denmark is so advantageously known to English readers, by Bishop Percy’s excellent translation of it.  It gives an excellent and faithful picture of this country in the middle of the eighteenth century, and comprises also the southern provinces of Norway.

244.  Voyage en Allemagne et en Suede.  Par J.P.  Catteau.  Paris, 1810. 3 vols. 8vo.—­Sensible and judicious on arts, manners, literature, literary men, statistics and economics; but more full and valuable on Sweden than on Germany.  Indeed few authors have collected more information on the North of Europe than M. Catteau; his Tableau des Etats Danois, and his Tableau General de la Suede, are excellent works, drawn up with great accuracy and judgment.  The same may be said of his Tableau de la Mer Baltique; in which every kind of information relative to the Baltic, its shores, islands, rivers, ports, produce, ancient and modern commerce, is given.

245.  Voyage en Norwege, traduit de l’Allemand de J. Fabricius.  Paris, 1803. 8vo.—­This too is an excellent work, especially in what regards the natural history and economics of the country.

246.  Reise en die Marschlander au der Nordsee.  Von J.N.  Tetens.  Leip. 1788. 8vo.—­Holstein, Jutland, and Sleswick, countries in which we possess few travels, are accurately described in this work.

247.  Reise durch einige Schwedische Provinzen.  Von J.W.  Schmidt.  Hamburgh, 1801.—­These travels contain curious particulars respecting the Nomadic Laplanders.

248.  Arndt, Reise durch Schweden, 1804. 4 vols. 8vo.  Berlin, 1806.

There are several travels by Linnaeus (besides the one published by Sir J. Smith, already noticed) and his pupils into different provinces of Sweden, relating to their natural history, which botanists will value highly; but we omit them, as interesting only to them.  They are written in Swedish, but German translations have appeared of most of them.  There are also valuable travels by Germans, especially Huelfer and Gilberg, which give full and accurate details of the copper mines, and the processes pursued in them; but these also we omit for a similar reason.


Whatever object has once been pursued by a Russian sovereign, seems to descend as a hereditary pursuit to his successors.  This is true, not only of their plans of conquest, but also of their means of improving their country; but it is evident of all countries, and especially of such a vast extent of country as Russia exhibits, where new districts are from time to time added, the very limits of which are scarcely known, that no sure and regular means of improvement can be adopted, until the actual state and the capabilities of each district are fully known.  The Empress Catherine gave great attention
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