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193.  Bemerkungen gesammelt auf einer Reise durch Holland, und einin Theil Franchreichs, 1801.  Von J.F.  Droysen.  Goetting. 1803. 8vo.—­Literary establishments and societies, especially those of Paris, and the state of mathematical, physical, and chemical science, are particularly attended to by this author.

194.  Arndt, Reisen durch einer Theil Deutschlands, Ungaren, Italien, und Franckreichs, 1798, 1799. 4 vols. 8vo.  Leip. 1804.

195.  Reisen durch das Osterreich, Illyrien, Dalmatien, und Albanien, 1818. 2 vols. 8vo.  Meissen, 1822.

196.  Reisen durch einen Theil Deutschlands, die Schweitz, Italien, und Griechenland. 8vo.  Gotha, 1822.

197.  Bemerkungen auf einer Reise aus Nord Deutschland, uber Francfort, nach dem sudlichen Franckreich. 1819. 8vo.  Leips. 1822.

198.  Lettere Scritte della Sicilia e della Turkia.  Dall.  Abbote D. Sestini, 1774-78.  Florence, 1780. 3 vols. 8vo.—­These travels, which have been translated into French, are very full on the agriculture of Sicily, and on its internal and external commerce.

199.  Fred. Snedorfs Samlede Skrivter.  Copenh. 1794. 4 vols. 8vo.—­Of this work only the first volume relates to our present subject, containing letters from Germany, Switzerland, France and England.  The author, who travelled at two different times into these countries, pays particular attention to political and literary persons, whose character he draws with great spirit, candour, and acuteness.  As he travelled at the commencement of the French Revolution, his sketches of political characters and events are especially interesting and valuable.  The universities of England and Germany also attract a deal of his attention, and on these he offers some judicious remarks.



200.  Chronological History of Voyages into the Polar Regions.  By John Barrow, 1819. 8vo.

201.  History of North-Eastern Voyages of Discovery.  By Captain Jos.  Burney, 1819. 8vo.—­These two works nearly exhaust the subject on which they treat:  the character of their authors sufficiently warrants their accuracy and completeness.

202.  J.R.  Forster’s History of Voyages and Discoveries made in the North, 1786. 4to.—­This work is not confined to voyages and discoveries in the Arctic regions; but comprises those made in the central regions of Asia in the middle ages, as well as those in the northern parts of America.  Its character is like that of all Forster’s productions, to some of which we have already had occasion to advert.

203.  Russian Voyages of Discovery for a North-west Passage.  By Muller.  London. 4to. 1800.—­The following work, though relating rather to discoveries in the sea between Asia and America, than to attempts for a north-east or north-west passage, may be placed here, as a continuation of the work of Muller, which comes no farther down than the expedition of Behring, in 1741.

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