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181.  Voyages en Sicile dans la Grande Grece et au Levant.  Par le Baron de Riedesel.  Paris, 1802. 8vo.—­This edition comprises all his travels, which were previously published separately.  The travels in Sicily are the most valuable.

182.  Voyages de Guibert dans diverses Parties de la France et de la Suisse, 1775. 1785.  Paris, 1805. 8vo.—­The celebrated author of the “Essai sur la Tactique” was employed to visit the different military hospitals in France; his journeys with this object, as well as when he went to join his regiment, were the occasion of these travels, in which there is much animated description of nature, and several well-drawn portraits of public men.

183.  Voyage en Allemagne, dans le Tyrol et en Italie. 4 vols. 8vo.  Paris, 1818.—­This work is translated from the German of Mad. de la Recke, by Madame de Montelieu, and possesses much of that pleasing narrative and description which characterize female writers of talent.

184.  Pauli Hertneri Itinera Germaniae, Galliae, Italitae.  Basle, 1611. 4to.

185.  Joh.  Bernouilli Reisen durch Brandenburgh, Pommern, Preussen, Curland, Russland, und Pohlen, 1777-8.  Leips. 1779-80. 6 vols. 8vo.

186.  Sulzer Reisen nach Schweitz, und Hieris, und Nice. 1775. 8vo.—­This author is well known for his “Universal Theory of the Fine Arts;” and these travels, as well as those in the middle states of Europe, and among the Alps, which he also published, are worthy of him.

187.  Bauman, Reise durch Deutschland und Walschland.  Augsb. 1782. 8vo.—­These travels in Germany and Italy contain observations on a subject little attended to by travellers; but one which they might much benefit:  we mean domestic economy, or the different modes, plans, &c. pursued by different nations in domestic life, as regards food, houses, clothing, &c.

188.  Fred. Nicholai, Beschriebung einer Reise durch Deutschland und de Schweitz, 1781.  Berlin, 1783. 12 vols. 8vo.—­This work is swelled beyond all due proportion with political disquisitions; but though bold and severe, it is a just picture.

189.  Italien und Deutschland.  Von C.P.  Moritz.  Berlin, 1790.—­Manners, literature, and arts are the topics of this work.  The same author published “Travels of a German in England.”

190.  Reisen durch Deutschland, Danemarck, Schweden, Italien, 1797—­99.  Von Kuttner.  Leip. 4 vols. 8vo.—­Statistical and political information, derived from authentic and official sources, especially as relates to Austria and Saxony, distinguishes this work.

191.  Streifzuge durch Inner Oestreich, &c.  Vien. 1800. 4to.—­The quicksilver mines of Idria, the manners, &c. of the people of Trieste and Venice, and the principal objects of arts and industry in all the countries described, give to this work a merit greater than its brevity would seem to deserve.

192.  Briefe woehrend meinis Aufenhalts en England und Portugal.  Hamb. 1802. 8vo.—­This work, by Mad.  Barnard, is written with that peculiar charm and vivacity of style, which it would seem females only can attain.  There are in it curious notices of Berlin, Hanover, and Cuxhaven, besides those on England and Portugal.

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