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Australasian Lands.  All these three classes are comprehended in the following catalogue, and we have deemed it right also to follow the author of the Bibliotheque in dividing them into two parts, ancient voyages round the world, and modern voyages:  the first comprehend voyages of the first class, and were performed from the middle of the sixteenth to the middle of the seventeenth century.

44.  Il Viaggio fatto dagli Spanuoli attorno il Mondo, 1536. 4to.—­This is the first edition of the Voyages of Pigafetta, who sailed with Magellan in his celebrated Voyage round the World, but it is incomplete.  The genuine and complete work was published for the first time from a MS. in the Ambrosian Library of Milan, with notes, by Amoretti, under the following title: 

45.  Primo Viaggio, intorno al Globo terraqueo fatto dal Casaglieri Ant.  Pigafetta.  Milan, 1800. 4to.—­The same editor published a French translation, with a description of the Globe of Behaim.  Magellan’s Voyage is published in the first volume of Harris’s Collection.

46.  C. Ortoga resumen del primero Viage hecho ad rededor del Mundo.  Per H. Magellanes.  Madrid, 1769. 4to.

47.  The Famous Voyage of Sir Francis Drake, to which is added the Prosperous Voyage of Mr. Thomas Candish.  London, 1741. 8vo. also in Harris, vol. 1.  The second voyage of Candish is in Purchas.

48.  The principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffique and Discoveries of the English Nation.  London, 1599. 2 vols. folio.

49.  The Discoveries of the World, from their original to 1555, translated from the Portuguese, by R. Hackluyt.  London, 1610. 4to.

50.  Funnell’s Voyage round the World.  London, 1607. 8vo.  In Harris, vol. 1.

51.  Description du penible Voyage fait autour de l’Univers.  Par O. du Nord.  Amsterdam, 1602, in folio.—­This is translated from the Dutch.  An English translation is given in Harris, vol.1.

52.  Voyage de Jacques l’Hermite autour du Monde.  Amsterdam, 1705-12.—­This also is translated from the Dutch.

53.  Dampier’s New Voyage round the World.  London, 1711. 3 vols. 8vo.—­The French translation in 5 vols. 12mo. contains also the voyages of Wafer, Wood, Cowley, Robert, and Sharp.  Dampier’s and Cowley’s are in Harris, vol. 1.

54.  A Voyage round the World.  By Captain G. Shelvocke.  London, 1757. 8vo.  This is also in Harris, vol. 1.

55.  Voyage round the World, by Wood Rogers.  London, 1728, 8vo.  In Harris, vol. 1.

56.  Voyage round the World, by Lord Anson.  By Walter, corrected by Robins.  London, 1749. 4to.

57.  Hawksworth’s Account of the Voyages for making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere, performed by Byron, Wallis, Carteret, and Cook, 1773. 3 vols. 4to.

58.  Captain Cook’s Voyage towards the South Pole, and round the World, 1777. 2 vols. 4to.

59.  Captains Cook, Clarke, and Gore’s Voyage to the Pacific Ocean.  By Cook and King, with an introduction by Bishop Douglas, 1784. 3 vols. 4to.

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