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35.  J.R.  Forster und M.C.  Sprengel, Beytrage zur Volker-und Landerkunde.  Leipsic, 1781—­94. 13 vols. 8vo.

36.  Magazin von merkerurdigen Reisebeschreibungen, aus fremden Sprachen ubersizt.  Von J.R.  Forster.  Berlin, 1790—­1802. 24 vols. 8vo.

37.  Bibliothek der neuesten und wichtigstien Reisebeschreibungen.  Von M.C.  Sprengel.  Weimar, 1801. &c. 22 vols. 8vo.—­There are many other collections in German; the best of which are noticed by Ersch, in his Literatur der Geschichte und deren Hulfswissenschaften.  Leipsic, 1813.

38.  Samling af de beste og nyeste Reise-beskriveler.  Copen. 1790—­5. 12 vols. 8vo.

39.  Danskes Reise-iagttagelser.  Copen. 1798—­1800. 4 vols. 8vo.

40.  Versamnelling der gedenkwaardegsten Reisen nae oost en West Indien door de Bry.  Leyden, 1707—­10. 30 vols. 8vo.

41.  El Viagero Universal.  Madrid, 1800.—­This work was published originally in small parts, which form a great many volumes in 8vo.

42.  Novus Orbis Regionum et Institutorum Veteribus incognitarum.  Basle, 1532. fol.  Paris, 1582. fol.

43.  Collectiones Peregrinationum in Indiam Orientalem et Occidentalem.  Francfort, 1590—­1634. 7 vols. fol., or 9 vols. fol.—­The first edition, when complete, is by far the most valuable.  Several dissertations have been published on this work, which is generally called Les Grands et Petits Voyages.  In 1742 the Abbe de Rothelin published Observationes sur des Grands et Petits Voyages.  In 1802 Camus published Memoire sur la Collection des Grands et Petits Voyages; and Debure, in his Bibliographe, has devoted upwards of one hundred pages to this work.  Whoever wishes to ascertain exactly the best edition, should consult these authors, and the Bibliotheque des Voyages, vol. 1. 57.



Boucher de la Richarderie, the author of the Bibliotheque Universelle des Voyages, makes some just remarks on the nature and extent of those voyages to which this appellation is usually applied.  He observes that for the most part, by a Voyage round the World, is understood a voyage either by the Atlantic Ocean or the Indian Sea to the Pacific or Great Southern Ocean, the visiting the isles in the last, exploring the Antarctic Seas, and returning by the route opposite to that by which the ship went out.  This certainly is a voyage round the world, though probably scarcely any part of Asia, Africa, or America has been explored or visited, except for the purposes of refitting or provisioning the ship.  But when these quarters of the globe, and especially the unknown parts of them, have been visited, the application of the term, though not perhaps so correct verbally, is more justly made.  There is a third class of voyages thus denominated, which, though they embrace the four quarters of the globe, do not extend to the South Sea, or the
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