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The catalogue is arranged in the following manner: 

After noticing a few of the most useful works which contain instructions to travellers, in the first place, Collections and Histories of Voyages and Travels are placed:  next follow Voyages round the World;—­Voyages and Travels which embrace more than one quarter of the World;—­Travels in Europe generally;—­Travels in more than one Country of Europe;—­Travels in each particular Country of Europe.  It is in this particular department of the Catalogue that the plan of reference by numbers is more especially necessary and useful; for the Index to the Catalogue being drawn up with reference to the numbers, not only those travels which are confined to one country,—­France, for instance,—­may easily be found, but also all those travels which comprehend France along with other countries.

The same arrangement is pursued in the other parts of the world,—­Asia, Africa, America, Australasia, and Polynesia.  The articles are arranged as nearly as possible in the chronological order in which the voyages and travels were performed in each particular country, and the countries are placed according to their geographical relation to one another.



1.  L’Utilite des Voyages qui concernent la Connoissance des Inscriptions, Sentences, Dieux, Lares, Peintures anciennes, Bas Reliefs, &c.  Langues, &c.; avec un Memoire de quelques Observations generales qu’on peut faire pour ne pas voyager inutilement.  Par Ch.  C. Baudelot Dairval. 2 vol. 12mo.  Paris 1656.—­The Rouen edition is much inferior.  This is an excellent work.

2.  C. Linnaeus on the Benefit of Travelling in one’s own Country. (In Stillingfleet’s Tracts.) This was published in Latin, separately, and in the Amoenitates Academicae, in the Select, ex Amoenit.; and in the Fundamenta Botanices of Gilibert.

3.  Instructio Peregrinatoris, Dissertatio.  Praeside C. Linnaeo. 1759, 4to.

4.  Memoire Instructif sur la Maniere de rassembler, de preparer, de conserver, et d’envoyer les diverses Curiosites d’Histoire Naturelle.  Par Turgot. 1758. 8vo.—­This work is also appended to “Avis pour le Transport par Mer des Arbres, des Plantes vivaces, des Semences, et de diverses autres Curiosites d’Histoire Naturelle.  Par L.H.  Duhamel.”  Published at Paris, 1753. 12mo.

5.  Directions in what Manner Specimens of all Kinds may be collected, preserved, &c.  By J.R.  Forster.  London, 1771.—­This tract, worthy of its well-informed and able author, was published along with his Catalogue of North American Animals.

6.  The Naturalist’s and Traveller’s Companion.  By J.C.  Lettsom, M.D.  London, 1799 8vo.

7.  Analysis of the Natural Classification of Mammalia, for the Use of Travellers.

Introduction to the Ornithology of Cuvier, for the Use of Travellers.

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