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When they met and consulted what was best to be done, all agreed to what Kahalaomapuana, the princess’s chief guard, proposed, as follows:  “You, Mailehaiwale, if Aiwohikupua should come hither, and you two meet, drive him away, for you are the first guard; and if he should plead his cause force him away:  and if he is very persistent, because he is a brother, resist him still more forcibly; and if he still insists then despatch one of the guardian birds to me, then we will all meet at the same place, and I myself will drive him away.  If he threatens to harm us, then I will command our god, Kihanuilulumoku, who will destroy him.”

After all the council had assented they stationed themselves at a distance from each other to guard the princess as before.

At dawn that night arrived Aiwohikupua with his counsellor.  When they saw the taboo sign—­the hollow post covered with white tapa—­then they knew that the road to the princess’s dwelling was taboo.  But Aiwohikupua would not believe it taboo because of having heard that his sisters had the guardian power.

So they went right on and found another taboo sign like the first which they had found, for one sign was set up for each of the sisters.

After passing the fourth taboo sign, they approached at a distance the fifth sign; this was Kahalaomapuana’s.  This was the most terrible of all, and then it began to be light; but they could not see in the dark how terrible it was.

They left the sign, went a little way and met Mailehaiwale; overjoyed was Aiwohikupua to see his sister.  At that instant Mailehaiwale cried, “Back, you two, this place is taboo.”

Aiwohikupua supposed this was in sport; both again began to approach Mailehaiwale; again the guardian told them to go.  “Back at once, you two!  What business have you up here and who will befriend you?”

“What is this, my sister?” asked Aiwohikupua.  “Are you not my friends here, and through you shall I not get my desire?”

Then Mailehaiwale sent one of her guardian birds to Kahalaomapuana; in less than no time the four met at the place guarded by Mailekaluhea, where they expected to meet Aiwohikupua.


And they were ready and were sent for and came.  When Aiwohikupua saw Kahalaomapuana resting on the wings of birds, as commander in chief, this was a great surprise to Aiwohikupua and his companion.  Said the head guard, “Return at once, linger not, delay not your going, for the princess is taboo, you have not the least business in this place; and never let the idea come to you that we are your sisters; that time has passed.”  Kahalaomapuana arose and disappeared.

Then the hot wrath of Aiwohikupua was kindled and his anger grew.  He decided at that time to go back to the sea to Keaau, then send his warriors to destroy the younger sisters.

When they turned back and came to Kahalaomapuana’s taboo sign, behold! the tail of the great lizard protruded above the taboo sign, which was covered with white tapa wound with the ieie vine and the sweet-scented fern,[51] and it was a terrible thing to see.

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