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He declared to Hauailiki, “There’s an end to our bet, for it was made while we were drunk with awa.”

While Hauailiki was telling how Aiwohikupua’s sisters had become guardians to Laieikawai, then Aiwohikupua conceived afresh the hope of sailing to Hawaii to get Laieikawai, as he had before desired.


Said Aiwohikupua, “How fortunate I am to have left my sisters on Hawaii, and so I shall attain my desire, for I have heard that my sisters are guardians to the one on whom I have set my heart.”

Now, while all the chiefs were gathered at Wailua, then Aiwohikupua stood up and declared his intention in presence of the chiefs:  “Where are you!  I shall go again to Hawaii, I shall not fail of my desire; for my sisters are now guardians of her on whom I have set my heart.”

At these words of Aiwohikupua, Hauailiki said, “You will not succeed, for I saw that the princess was taboo, and your sisters also put on reserved airs; one of them, indeed, was furious, the smallest of them; so my belief is you will not succeed, and if you go near you will get paid for it.”

To Hauailiki’s words Aiwohikupua paid no attention, for he was hopeful because of what he had heard of his sisters’ guarding the princess.

After this he summoned the bravest of his fighting men, his bodyguard, all his chiefly array, and the chief arranged for paddlers; then he commanded the counsellor to make the canoes ready.

The counsellor chose the proper canoes for the trip, twenty double canoes, and twice forty single canoes, these for the chiefs and the bodyguard, and forty provision canoes for the chief’s supplies; and as for the chief himself and his counsellor, they were on board of a triple canoe.

When everything was ready for such a journey they set out.

Many days they sailed.  When they came to Kohala, for the first time the Kohala people recognized Aiwohikupua, a magician renowned all over the islands.  And because the chief came in disguise to Kohala when he fought with Cold-nose, this was why they had not recognized him.

They left Kohala and went to Keaau.  Just as they reached there, Laieikawai and the sisters of Aiwohikupua returned to Paliuli.

When Laieikawai and her companions returned, on the day when Aiwohikupua’s party arrived, their grandmother had already foreseen Aiwohikupua’s arrival at Keaau.

Said Waka, “Aiwohikupua has come again to Keaau, so let the guard be watchful, look out for yourselves, do not go down to the sea, stay here on the mountain until Aiwohikupua returns to Kauai.”

When the princess’s head guard heard the grandmother’s words, then Kahalaomapuana immediately ordered Kihanuilulumoku,[50] their god, to come near the home of the chief and prepare for battle.

As the princess’s chief guard, she ordered her sisters to consult what would be the best way to act in behalf of the princess.

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