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Said his counsellor, “This is strange, after we have reached the woman’s house for whom we have swum eight seas, here you are begging to go back.  Let us go and make her acquaintance, whether for failure or success; for, even if she should refuse, keep at it; we men must expect to meet such rebuffs; a canoe will break on a coral reef."[40]

“Where are you?” answered Aiwohikupua.  “We will not meet the princess, and we shall certainly not win her, for I see now the house is no ordinary one.  I have brought my cloak wrought with feathers for a gift to the princess of Paliuli and I behold them here as thatch for the princess’s house; yet you know, for that matter, even a cloak of feathers is owned by none but the highest chiefs; so let us return.”  And they went back without making themselves known.


When Aiwohikupua and his companion had left Paliuli they returned and came to Keaau, made the canoe ready, and at the approach of day boarded the canoe and returned to Kauai.

On the way back Aiwohikupua would not say why he was returning until they reached Kauai; then, for the first time, his counsellor knew the reason.

On the way from Keaau they rested at Kamaee, on the rocky side of Hilo, and the next day left there, went to Humuula on the boundary between Hilo and Hamakua; now the seer saw Aiwohikupua sailing over the ocean.

After passing Humuula they stopped right off Kealakaha, and while the chief slept they saw a woman sitting on the sea cliff by the shore.

When those on board saw the woman they shouted, “Oh! what a beautiful woman!”

At this Aiwohikupua started up and asked what they were shouting about.  They said, “There is a beautiful woman sitting on the sea cliff.”  The chief turned his head to look, and saw that the stranger was, indeed, a charming woman.

So the chief ordered the boatmen to row straight to the place where the woman was sitting, and as they approached they first encountered a man fishing with a line, and asked, “Who is that woman sitting up there on the bank directly above you?”

He answered, “It is Poliahu, Cold-bosom.”.

As the chief had a great desire to see the woman, she was beckoned to; and she approached with her cloak all covered with snow and gave her greeting to Aiwohikupua, and he greeted her in return by shaking hands.

After meeting the stranger, Aiwohikupua said, “O Poliahu, fair mistress of the coast, happily are we met here; and therefore, O princess of the cliff, I wish you to take me and try me for your husband, and I will be the servant under you; whatever commands you utter I will obey.  If you consent to take me as I beseech you, then come on board the canoe and go to Kauai.  Why not do so?”

The woman answered, “I am not mistress of this coast.  I come from inland; from the summit of that mountain, which is clothed in a white garment like this I am wearing; and how did you find out my name so quickly?”

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