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Now, this was not Aiwohikupua’s real intention.  After laying his commands upon Hinaikamalama, they left Maui and went to Kapakai at Kohala.

The next day they left Kapakai and sailed along by Kauhola, and Aiwohikupua saw a crowd of men gathering mountainward of Kapaau.

Then Aiwohikupua ordered the boatmen to paddle inshore, for he wanted to see why the crowd was gathering.

When they had come close in to the landing at Kauhola the chief asked why the crowd was gathering; then a native of the place said they were coming together for a boxing match.

At once Aiwohikupua trembled with eagerness to go and see the boxing match; they made the canoe fast, and Aiwohikupua, with his counsellor and the two steersmen, four in number, went ashore.

When they came to Hinakahua, where the field was cleared for boxing, the crowd saw that the youth from Kauai surpassed in beauty all the natives of the place, and they raised a tumult.

After the excitement the boxing field again settled into order; then Aiwohikupua leaned against the trunk of a milo tree to watch the attack begin.

As Aiwohikupua stood there, Cold-nose entered the open space and stood in the midst to show himself off to the crowd, and he called out in a loud voice:  “What man on that side will come and box?” But no one dared to come and stand before Cold-nose, for the fellow was the strongest boxer in Kohala.

As Cold-nose showed himself off he turned and saw Aiwohikupua and called out, “How are you, stranger?  Will you have some fun?”

When Aiwohikupua heard the voice of Cold-nose calling him, he came forward and stood in front of the boxing field while he bound his red loin cloth[25] about him in the fashion of a chief’s bodyguard, and he answered his opponent: 

“O native born, you have asked me to have some fun with you, and this is what I ask of you:  Take two on your side with you, three of you together, to satisfy the stranger.”

When Cold-nose heard Aiwohikupua, he said, “You are the greatest boaster in the crowd![26] I am the best man here, and yet you talk of three from this side; and what are you compared to me?”

Answered Aiwohikupua, “I will not accept the challenge without others on your side, and what are you compared to me!  Now, I promise you, I can turn this crowd into nothing with one hand.”

At Aiwohikupua’s words, one of Cold-nose’s backers came up behind Aiwohikupua and said:  “Here! do not speak to Cold-nose; he is the best man in Kohala; the heavy weights of Kohala can not master that man."[27]

Then Aiwohikupua turned and gave the man at his back a push, and he fell down dead.[28]


When all the players on the boxing field saw how strong Aiwohikupua was to kill the man with just a push;

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