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The upland peddlers bring sugar cane, bananas, gourds, etc., to sea to peddle for fish.  Maiauhaalenalenaupena pretends to be a fisherman.  He spreads out his net as if just driven in from sea by the rough weather.  The peddlers trust him with their goods until he has better luck; but he really is no fisherman and never gives them anything.


One day these two brothers go out snaring birds.  The older brother suggests that they divide the spoils thus:  He will take all those with holes on each side of the beak.  The unobservant younger brother consents, thinking this number will be few, and the older wins the whole catch.


At Kawaihae, Kohala, lives the great trickster, Kuauamoa.  He knows Davis and Young after they are made prisoners by the natives, and thus learns some English words.  On the plains of Alawawai he meets some men going to sell rope to the whites and they ask him to instruct them what to say.  He teaches them to swear at the whites.  When the white men are about to beat the peddlers, they drop the rope and run away.


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