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Said Laielohelohe, “No; all is well with us.”

Said the woman again, “It may be he is deceiving you.”

“Perhaps so,” answered Laielohelohe, “but so far as I see we are living very happily.”

Then the woman told her plainly, “Where are you?  Our garden patch is right on the edge of the road; my husband gets up to dig in our garden.  As he was digging, Kekalukaluokewa came along from Haneoo; my husband thought at once he had been with Hinaikamalama; my husband returned and told me, but I was not sure.  On the next night, at moonrise, I got up with my husband, and we went to fish for red fish in the sea at Haneoo; as we came to the edge of the gulch, we saw some one appear above the rise we had just left; then we turned aside and hid; it was Kekalukaluokewa coming; then we followed his footsteps until we came close to Hinaikamalama’s house; here Kekalukaluokewa entered.  After we had fished and returned to the place where we met him first, we met him going back, and we did not speak to him nor he to us; that is all, and this day Hinaikamalama’s own guard told me—­my husband’s sister she is—­ten days the chiefs have been together; that is my secret; and therefore my husband and I took pity on you and I came to tell you.”


And at the woman’s words, the princess’s mind was moved; not at once did she show her rage; but she waited but to make sure.  She said to the woman, “No wonder my husband forces me to drink awa so that when I am asleep under the influence of the awa, he can go; but to-night I will follow him.”

That night Kekalukaluokewa again gave her the awa, then she obeyed him, but after she had drunk it all, she went outside the house immediately and threw it up; and afterwards her husband did not know of his wife’s guile, and she returned to the house, and Laielohelohe lay down and pretended to sleep.

When Kekalukaluokewa thought that his wife was fast asleep under the effects of the awa, then he started to make his usual visit to Hinaikamalama.

When Laielohelohe saw that he had left her, she arose and followed Kekalukaluokewa without being seen.

Thus following, lo! she found her husband with Hinaikamalama.

Then Laielohelohe said to Kekalukaluokewa, when she came to Hinaikamalama’s house where they were sleeping, “My husband, you have deceived me; no wonder you compelled me to drink awa, you had something to do; now I have found you two, I tell you it is not right to endure this any longer.  We had best return to Kauai; we must go at once.”

Her husband saw that the princess was right; they arose and returned to Honokalani and next day the canoes were hastily prepared to fulfill Laielohelohe’s demand, thinking to sail that night; but they did not, for Kekalukaluokewa pretended to be ill, and they postponed going that night.  The next day he did the same thing again, so Laielohelohe gave up her love for her husband and returned to Kauai with her canoe, without thinking again of Kekalukaluokewa.

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