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When she sailed, she came to Oahu and stayed in the country people’s houses.  So she journeyed until her meeting with Kekalukaluokewa.

About the time that Laielohelohe was come to Oahu, that next day Kaonohiokala came again to visit Laielohelohe; but on his arrival, no Laielohelohe at the chief’s house; he did not question the guard for fear of his suspecting his sin with Laielohelohe.  Now Laielohelohe had secretly told the guard of the chief’s house why she was going.  And failing in his desires he returned above.

The report of his lord’s falling into sin had reached the ears of the chief through some of his retainers and he had heard also of Laielohelohe’s displeasure.

Now the vagabond, Aiwohikupua, was one of the chief’s retainers, he was the one who heard these things.  And when he heard Laielohelohe’s reason for setting sail to seek her husband, then he said to the palace guard, “If Kaonohiokala returns again, and asks for Laielohelohe, tell him she is ill, then he will not come back, for she would pollute Kaonohiokala and our parents; when the uncleanness is over, then the deeds of Venus may be done.”

When Kaonohiokala came again and questioned the guard then he was told as Aiwohikupua had said, and he went back up again.


In Chapter XXXII of this story the reason was told why Laielohelohe went in search of her husband.

Now, she followed him from Kauai to Oahu and to Maui; she came to Lahaina, heard Kekalukaluokewa was in Hana, having returned from Hawaii.

She sailed by canoe and came to Honuaula; there they heard that Hinaikamalama was Kekalukaluokewa’s wife; the Honuaula people did not know that this was his wife.

When Laielohelohe heard this news, they hurried forward at once and came to Kaupo and Kipahulu.  There was substantiated the news they heard first at Honuaula, and there they beached the canoe at Kapohue, left it, went to Waiohonu and heard that Kekalukaluokewa and Hinaikamalama had gone to Kauwiki, and they came to Kauwiki; Kekalukaluokewa and his companion had gone on to Honokalani; many days they had been on the way.

On their arrival at Kauwiki, that afternoon, Laielohelohe asked a native of the place how much farther it was to Honokalani, where Kekalukaluokewa and Hinaikamalama were staying.

Said the native, “You can arrive by sundown.”

They went on, accompanied by the natives, and at dusk reached Honokalani; there Laielohelohe sent the natives to see where the chiefs were staying.

The natives went and saw the chiefs drinking awa, and returned and told them.

Then Laielohelohe sent the natives again to go and see the chiefs, saying, “You go and find out where the chiefs sleep, then return to us.”

And at her command, the natives went and found out where the chiefs slept, and returned and told Laielohelohe.

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