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Mailehaiwale was made governor on Kauai, Mailekaluhea on Oahu, Mailelaulii on Maui and the other islands, Mailepakaha on Hawaii.


When Kekalukaluokewa became head over the group, then Kaonohiokala sent him to make a tour of the islands and perform the functions of a ruler, and he put Laielohelohe in Kekalukaluokewa’s place as his substitute.

And for this reason Kekalukaluokewa took his chief counsellor (the prophet) with him on the circuit.

So Kekalukaluokewa left Pihanakalani and started on the business of visiting the group; the same day Kaonohiokala left those below.

When Kaonohiokala started to return he did not go all the way up, but just watched that day the sailing of Kekalukaluokewa’s canoes over the ocean.

Then Kaonohiokala came back down and sought the companionship of Laielohelohe, but not just then was the sin committed.

When the two met, Kaonohiokala asked Laielohelohe to separate herself from the rest, and at the high chief’s command the princess’s retainers withdrew.

When Laielohelohe and Kaonohiokala were alone he said, “This is the third year that I have desired you, for your beauty has grown and overshadowed your sister’s, Laieikawai’s.  Now at last my patience no longer avails to turn away my passion from you.”

“O my high one,” said Laielohelohe, “how can you rid yourself of your passion?  And what does my high one see fit to do?”

“Let us know one another,” said Kaonohiokala, “this is the only thing to be done for me.”

Said Laielohelohe, “We can not touch one another, my high one, for the one who brought me up from the time I was born until I found my husband, he has strictly bound me not to defile my flesh with anyone; and, therefore, my high one, it is his to grant your wish.”

When Kaonohiokala heard this, then he had some check to his passion, then he returned to the heavens to his wife, Laieikawai.  He had not been ten days there when, he was again thick-pressed by the thunders of his evil lust, and he could not hold out against it.

To ease this passion he was again forced down below to meet Laielohelohe.

And having heard that her guardian who bound her must give his consent, he first sought Kapukaihaoa and asked his consent to the chief’s purpose.

So he went first and said to Kapukaihaoa:  “I wish to unite myself with Laielohelohe for a time, not to take her away altogether, but to ease my heavy heart of its lust after your foster child; for I first begged my boon of her, but she sent me for your consent, and so I have come to you.”

Said Kapukaihaoa:  “High one of the highest, I grant your request, my high one; it is well for you to go in to my foster child; for no good has come to me from my charge.  It was our strong desire, mine and hers who took care of your wife Laieikawai, that Kekalukaluokewa should be our foster child’s husband; very good, but in settling the rule over the islands, the gain has gone to others and I have nothing.  For he has given all the islands to your sisters, and I have nothing, the one who provided him with his wife; so it will be well, in order to avoid a second misfortune, that you have the wife for the two of you.”

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