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Then, as they all crowded together, the seer and the five girls stood on the ladder way, and Kaonohiokala and Laieikawai apart, and the soles of their feet were like fire.  This was the time when Aiwohikupua and Waka fell to the ground, and the seer’s prophecy was fulfilled.

When the chief had avenged them upon their enemies, the chief placed Kahalaomapuana as ruler over them and stationed his other sisters over separate islands.  And Kekalukaluokewa was chief counsellor under Laielohelohe, and the seer was their companion in council, with the power of chief counsellor.

After all these things were put in order and well established, Laieikawai and her husband were taken on the rainbow to the land within the clouds and dwelt in the husband’s home.

In case her sisters should do wrong then, it was Kahalaomapuana’s duty to bring word to the chief.

But there was no fault to be found with his sisters until they left this world.


After the marriage of Laieikawai and Kaonohiokala, when his sisters and the seer and Kekalukaluokewa and his wife were well established, after all this had been set in order, they returned to the country in the heavens called Kahakaekaea and dwelt in the taboo house on the borders of Tahiti.

And when she became wife under the marriage bond, all power was given her as a god except that to see hidden things and those obscure deeds which were done at a distance; only her husband had this power.

Before they left Kauai to return to the heavens, a certain agreement was made in their assembly at the government council.

Lo! on that day, the rainbow pathway was let down from Nuumealani and Kaonohiokala and Laieikawai mounted upon that way, and she laid her last commands upon her sisters, the seer, and Laielohelohe; these were her words: 

“My companions and our father the prophet, my sister born with me in the womb and your husband, I return according to our agreement! leave you and return to that place where you will not soon come to see me; therefore, live in peace, for each alike has prospered, not one of you lacks fortune.  But Kaonohiokala will visit you to look after your welfare.”

After these words they were borne away out of sight.  And as to her saying Kaonohiokala would come to look after the welfare of her companions, this was the sole source of disturbance in Laieikawai’s life with her husband.

While Laieikawai lived at home with her husband it was Kaonohiokala’s custom to come down from time to time to look after his sisters’ welfare and that of his young wife three times every year.

They had lived perhaps five years under the marriage contract, and about the sixth year of Laieikawai’s happy life with her husband, Kaonohiokala fell into sin with Laielohelohe without anyone knowing of his falling into sin.

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