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And because Kekalukaluokewa knew that his former prophecies had been fulfilled, therefore he rejected the old woman’s counsel.  When the seer left the chief planted flag signals all around the palace and stayed within the protected place as the prophet had commanded.

At the end of his circuit, the seer returned and dwelt with his daughters.

For no other reason than love did the seer go to tell those things which he saw.  He had been back one day with his daughters at Honopuwaiakua when Kahalaomapuana arrived, as described in the chapter before.


Ten days after Kahalaomapuana’s return from Kealohilani came the first of their brother’s promised signs.

So the signs began little by little during five days, and on the sixth day the thunder cracked, the rain poured down, the ocean billows swelled, the land was flooded, the lightning flashed, the mist closed down, the rainbow arched, the colored cloud rose over the ocean.

Then the seer said, “My daughters, the time is come when my prophecy is fulfilled as I declared it to you.”

The daughters answered, “This is what we have been whispering about, for first you told us these things while Kahalaomapuana had not yet returned, and since her return she has told us the same thing again.”

Said Laieikawai, “I tremble and am astonished, and how can my fear be stilled?”

“Fear not; be not astonished; we shall prosper and become mighty ones among the islands round about; none shall be above us; and you shall rule over the land, and those who have done evil against you shall flee from you and be chiefs no more.

“For this have I followed you persistently through danger and cost and through hard weariness, and I see prosperity for me and for my seed to be mine through you.”

One month of bad weather over the land as the last sign; in the early morning when the rays of the sun rose above the mountain, Kaonohiokala was seen sitting within the smoking heat of the sun, right in the middle of the sun’s ring, encircled with rainbows and a red mist.

Then the sound of shouting was heard all over Kauai at the sight of the beloved child of Moanalihaikawaokele and Laukieleula, the great high chief of Kahakaekaea and Nuumealani.

Behold! a voice shouting, “The beloved of Hulumaniani! the wonderful prophet!  Hulumaniani!  Give us life!”

From morning until evening the shouting lasted, until they were hoarse and could only point with their hands and nod their heads, for they were hoarse with shouting for Kaonohiokala.

Now, as Kaonohiokala looked down upon the earth, lo!  Laieikawai was clothed in the rainbow garment his sister, Kahalaomapuana, had brought her; then through this sign he recognized Laieikawai as his betrothed wife.

In the dusk of the evening, at the rising of the bright full moon, he entered the prophet’s inclosure.

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