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“Still we shall not yet meet; our meeting shall be in the dusk of evening, when the moon rises on the night of full moon; then I will meet my wife.

“After our marriage, then I will bring destruction over the earth upon those who have done you wrong.

“Therefore, take a sign for Laieikawai, a rainbow; thus shall I know my wife.”

These words ended, she returned by the same way that she had climbed up, and within one month found Kihanuilulumoku and told all briefly, “We are all right; we have prospered.”

She entered into Kihanuilulumoku and swam over the ocean; as many days as they were in going, so many were they in returning.

They came to Olaa.  Laieikawai and her companions were gone; the lizard smelled all about Hawaii; nothing.  They went to Maui; the lizard smelled about; not a trace.

He sniffed about Kahoolawe, Lanai, Molokai.  Just the same.  They came to Kauai; the lizard sniffed about the coast, found nothing; sniffed inland; there they were, living at Honopuwaiakua, and Kihanuilulumoku threw forth Kahalaomapuana.

The princess and her sisters saw her and rejoiced, but a stranger to the seer was this younger sister, and he was terrified at sight of the lizard; but because he was a prophet, he stilled his fear.

Eleven months, ten days, and four days over it was since Kahalaomapuana left Laieikawai and her companions until their return from The-shining-heavens.


When Kahalaomapuana returned from Kealohilani, from her journey in search of a chief, she related the story of her trip, of its windings and twistings, and all the things she had seen while she was away.

When she recited the charge given her by Kaonohiokala, Laieikawai said to her companions, “O comrades, as Kahalaomapuana tells me the message of your brother and my husband, a strange foreboding weighs upon me, and I am amazed; I supposed him to be a man, a mighty god that!  When I think of seeing him, however I may desire it, I am ready to die with fear before he has even come to us.”

Her companions answered, “He is no god; he is a man like us, yet in his nature and appearance godlike.  He was the first-born of us; he was greatly beloved by our parents; to him was given superhuman powers which we have not, except Kahalaomapuana; only they two were given this power; his taboo rank still remains; therefore, do not fear; when he comes, you will see he is only a man like us.”

Now, before Kahalaomapuana’s return from Kealohilani, the seer foresaw what was to take place, one month before her return.  Then the seer prophesied, in these words:  “A blessing descends upon us from the heavens when the nights of full moon come.

“When we hear the thunder peal in dry weather and in wet, then we shall see over the earth rain and lightning, billows swell on the ocean, freshets on the land, land and sea covered thick with fog, fine mist and rain, and the beating of the ocean rain.

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