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When the seer heard this story the seer saw plainly that this was the very one he sought.  But in order to make sure, the seer withdrew to a distance and prayed to his god to confirm the girl’s story.

After praying he came back and went to sleep, and as he slept the seer received the assurance in a vision from his god, saying, “The time has come to fulfill your wishes, to free you from the weariness of your long search.  She is here—­the one who told you her story; this is the one you are seeking.

“Therefore arise and take the offering you have prepared and lay it before her, having blessed her in the name of your god.

“This done, linger not; carry them at once to Kauai, this very night, and let them dwell on the cliffs of Haena in the uplands of Honopuwaiakua.”

At this the seer awoke from his dream; he arose and brought the pig and the cock and held them out to Laieikawai, saying, “Blessed am I, my mistress, that my god has shown you to me, for long have I followed you to win a blessing from you.

“And therefore I beseech you to guard these bones under your special favor, my mistress, and to leave this trust to your descendants unto the last generation.”

Laieikawai answered, “Father, the time of my prosperity has passed, for Waka has taken her favor from me; but hereafter I shall win honor beyond my former honor and glory; then you shall also rise to prosperity with us.”

And after these things the prophet did as his god commanded—­sailed that night and dwelt in the place commanded.

Many days the seer lived here with his daughter above Honopuwaiakua.  At one time the seer made one of his customary journeys.

As he traveled in his character as seer he came to Wailua.  Lo! all the virgin daughters of Kauai were gathered together, all of the rank of chief with the girls of well-to-do families, at the command of Aiwohikupua to bring the virgins before the chief, the one who pleased the chief to become the wife of Aiwohikupua.

When the seer came within the crowd, lo! the maidens were assembled in one place before the chief.

The seer asked some one in the crowd, “What is this assembly for and why are all these maidens standing in a circle before the chief?”

He was told, “All the virgins have been summoned by the chief’s command, and the two who please Aiwohikupua, these he will take for his wives in place of Poliahu and Hinaikamalama, and their parents are to be clothed in feather cloaks.”

Then the seer stood before the chiefs and all the assembly and cried in a loud voice: 

“O chiefs, it is a wise and good thing for the chief to take whichever one of these virgins pleases him, but not one of these can fill the loss of Poliahu and Hinaikamalama.

“If any one of these virgins here could compare in beauty with the left leg of my daughters, then she would be worth it.  These are pretty enough, but not like my daughters.”

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