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“Take lehua flowers, bind them into a cluster, when you hear me playing the nose flute, then drop the bunch of flowers right over her; maybe she will be curious about this.”

Halaaniani climbed the tree right over where Laielohelohe was wont to sit.  Just as Malio’s nose flute sounded, Halaaniani dropped the bunch of lehua flowers down from the tree, and it fell directly in front of Laielohelohe.  Then Laielohelohe turned her eyes right upward, saying, “If you are a man who has sent me this gift and this music of the flute, then you are mine:  if you are a woman, then you shall be my intimate friend.”

When Halaaniani heard this speech, he waited not a moment to descend and join his sister.

To Malio’s question he told her what he had seen.

Said Malio to Halaaniani, “We will go home and early in the morning come here again, then we shall find out her intentions.”

They went home and returned early in the morning.  When they had taken their stations, Laielohelohe came as usual to string lehua blossoms.

Then Malio sounded the flute, as Laielohelohe began to snip the lehua blossoms, and she stopped, for her attention was attracted to the music.

Three times Malio sounded the nose flute.

Then said Laielohelohe, “If you are a woman who sounds the flute, then let us two kiss.”

At Laielohelohe’s words, Malio approached Laielohelohe and the girl saw her, and she was a stranger to Laielohelohe’s eyes.

Then she started to kiss her.

And as the girl was about to give the promised kiss, Malio said, “Let our kiss wait, first give my brother a kiss; when you two have done, then we will kiss.”

Then said Laielohelohe, “You and your brother may go away, do not bring him into my presence; you both go back to your own place and do not come here again.  For it was only you I promised to greet with a kiss, no one else; should I do as you desire, I should disobey my good guardian’s command.”

When Malio heard this she returned to her brother and said, “We have failed to-day, but I will try my supernatural arts to fulfill your desire.”

They went back to the house, then she directed Halaaniani to go and spy upon Laieikawai.

When Halaaniani came to Keaau as his sister directed, he neither saw nor heard of Laieikawai.


On his arrival there, Halaaniani heard there was to be a great day for Kakalukaluokewa, a day of celebration for the marriage of Laielohelohe with Kekalukaluokewa.  And when he had carefully noted the day for the chief’s wedding feast he returned and told his sister this thing.

When Malio heard it she said to her brother, “On the marriage day of Kekalukaluokewa with Laielohelohe, on that day Laielohelohe shall be yours.”

Now Aiwohikupua’s sisters were wont to go down to the sea at Keaau to keep watch for their husband, to make sure if he were dead or not.

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