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They swam, and after a long time Laieikawai began to wonder; then she said, “This is a strange wave, man!  We are swimming out where there are no waves at all; we are in the deep ocean; a wave here would be strange; there are only swells out here.”

Said Halaaniani, “You listen well; at my first word to you there will be something for us.”

Laieikawai listened for the word of her surfing comrade.

They swam until Halaaniani thought they could get the crest, then
Halaaniani said to his surfing comrade, “Look toward the coast.”

Laieikawai replied, “The land has vanished, Kumukahi comes bobbing on the wave.”

“This is our crest,” said Halaaniani.  “I warn you when the first wave breaks, do not ride that wave, or the second; the third wave is ours.  When the wave breaks and scatters, keep on, do not leave the board which keeps you floating; if you leave the board, then you will not see me again.”

At the close of this speech Halaaniani prayed to their god in the name of his sister, as Malio had directed.

Halaaniani was half through his prayer; a crest arose; he finished the prayer to the amen; again a crest arose, the second this; not long after another wave swelled.

This time Halaaniani called out, “Let us ride.”

Then Laieikawai quickly lay down on the board and with Halaaniani’s help rode toward the shore.

Now, when Laieikawai was deep under the wave, the crest broke finely; Laieikawai glanced about to see how things were; Halaaniani was not with her.  Laieikawai looked again; Halaaniani with great dexterity was resting on the very tip of the wave.  That was when Laieikawai began to give way to Halaaniani.

Waka saw them returning from surf riding and supposed Laieikawai’s companion was Kekalukaluokewa.

Malio, the sister of Halaaniani, as is seen in the story of her life, can do many marvelous things, and in Chapters XXII and XXIII you will see what great deeds she had power to perform.


While Laieikawai was surfing ashore with Halaaniani, Waka’s supernatural gift was overshadowed by Malio’s superior skill, and she did not see what was being done to her grandchild.

Just as Laieikawai came to land, Waka sent the birds in the mist, and when the mist passed off only the surf boards remained; Laieikawai was with Halaaniani in her house up at Paliuli.  There Halaaniani took Laieikawai to wife.

The night passed, day came, and it was midday; Waka thought this strange, for before sending her grandchild to meet Kekalukaluokewa she had said to her: 

“Go, to-day, and meet Kekalukaluokewa, then return to the uplands, you two, and after your flesh has become defiled come to me; I will take care of you until the pollution is past.”  Now, this was the custom with a favorite daughter.

Because Waka was surprised, at midday of the second day after Laieikawai joined Halaaniani, the grandmother went to look after her grandchild.

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