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    Hail sacred Salem! plac’d on high,
      Seat of the mighty King! 
    What thought can grasp thy boundless bliss,
      What tongue thy glories sing? 
    Thy crystal tow’rs and palaces
      Magnificently rise,
    And dart their beaut’ous lustre round
      The empyrean skies. 
    The voice of triumph in thy streets
      And acclamations found,
    Gay banquets in thy splendid courts
      And purest joys abound. 
    Bright smiles on ev’ry face appear,
      Rapture in ev’ry eye;
    From ev’ry mouth glad anthems flow,
      And charming harmony. 
    Illustrious day for ever there,
      Streams from the face divine;
    No pale-fac’d moon e’er glimmers forth,
      Nor stars nor sun decline. 
    No scorching heats, no piercing colds,
      The changing seasons bring;
    But o’er the fields mild breezes there
      Breathe an eternal spring. 
    The flow’rs with lasting beauty shine,
      And deck the smiling ground,
    While flowing streams of pleasures all
      The happy plains surround.


    Now let the spacious world arise,
      Said the creator Lord: 
    At once th’ obedient earth and skies
      Rose at his sov’reign word. 
    Dark was the deep, the waters lay
      Confus’d, and drown’d the land;
    He call’d the light, the new-born day
      Attends on his command. 
    He bids the clouds ascend on high;
      The clouds ascend, and bear
    A wat’ry treasure to the sky,
      And float on softer air. 
    The liquid element below,
      Was gather’d by his hand;
    The rolling seas together flow,
      And leave a solid land: 
    With herbs and plants (a flow’ry birth)
      The naked globe he crown’d,
    Ere there was rain to bless the earth,
      Or sun to warm the ground. 
    Then he adorn’d the upper skies,
      Behold the sun appears,
    The moon and stars in order rise,
      To mark our months and years. 
    Out of the deep th’ Almighty King
      Did vital beings frame,
    And painted fowls of ev’ry wing,
      And fish of ev’ry name,
    He gave the lion and the worm
      At once their wond’rous birth;
    And grazing beasts of various form
      Rose from the teeming earth. 
    Adam was form’d of equal clay,
      The sov’reign of the rest;
    Design’d for nobler ends than they,
      With God’s own image blest. 
    Thus glorious in the Maker’s eye,
      The young Creation stood;
    He saw the building from on high,
      His word pronounc’d it good.


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