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At “Four” the position of “Cross” is resumed, and on a count of “One, two, three, four” the same movement is repeated, this time with the left hand touching the ground.  Throughout the exercise care should be taken that the arms remain in the same straight line, making no separate movement, but changing their position only as the trunk and shoulders are moved and carry the arms along.  After this exercise has been thoroughly mastered, the turning and bending movements made on the counts “One” and “Two” should be combined—­i.e., instead of making the entire turn, as described above, turn and bend simultaneously.  The entire movement should be repeated ten times.

In the “Weave” care should be taken that the arms and shoulders are kept in one line.  The turn begins with the arms horizontal until they are nearly at right angles to the “Cross” position.  Then the knee commences to flex and the body bends at the trunk, the hip turning in until the finger-tips touch the floor.  At that time the arms and shoulders should still be in the same relative position as at the start—­namely, in “Cross” position.

Wing:  (The order is “Wing.  Ready—­Cross.  Arms up.  Wing!”) This is a finishing exercise consisting of deep breathing and is performed slowly.  On a count of “One, two, three, four” the arms are raised laterally until they are extended straight upward at “One” and a full inhalation is reached. (See Fig. 15.) At “Two” the arms begin to fall forward and downward, and the body bends forward from the waist up, and eyes front, until, at “Four” the body has reached the limit of motion and the arms have passed the sides and have been forced back and up (as the trunk assumes a horizontal position) as far as possible. (See Fig. 15a.)

[Illustration:  Fig. 15.—­Wing

In the “Wing” position, which is a final breathing exercise, the breath should be taken well in as the arms are raised over the head; then exhaled as the body and arms swing forward, with a final crowding out of some of the residual air by forcing in the abdomen as the arms are raised over the back.  Start the inhalation again as the arms come forward.]

[Illustration:  Fig. 15A.—­End of Wing]

On a count of “One, two, three, four” the body is straightened, reaching an upright position, with arms vertically extended, at “Three.”  At “Four” the arms are lowered to a “Cross” position, but with palms up and arms and shoulders forced hard back.  Very slow counting is essential to the correct execution of this exercise.  All air should be forced from the lungs as the body bends forward to the “Wing” position, and they should be filled to capacity as the body is straightened and the arms brought down.  Inhale through the nose.  The entire movement should be repeated five times.


Preparedness is nine-tenths physical strength and endurance.

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