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The entire movement should be repeated five times.

In the “Curl” position the head and shoulders should be thrown well back and the fists should go well up into the armpits.  Keep the elbows back so that the entire thorax is lifted forward and up; at the same time take a deep inhalation.

Crouch:  (The order is “Crouch.  Ready—­Cross.  Crouch!”) Assume the “Cross” position.  In this movement, at “Cross” the feet are spread until the heels are about twelve inches apart.  The left foot remains stationary, the right foot being moved to accomplish this.  On a count of “One” the knees are bent, and, with the weight on the toes, the body is lowered nearly to the heels, keeping the trunk as nearly erect as possible. (See Fig. 10.)

[Illustration 10.  Crouch.

The “Crouch” is intended for the acquisition of balance and poise, but is also good exercise for the legs.  The back is kept straight and the balance preserved throughout.]

This is done at “One,” and at “Two” the upright position is resumed.

The entire movement should be repeated ten times.

The “Crouch” position is intended for the acquisition of balance and poise; at the same time it is good exercise for the legs.  The back should be kept straight and the balance preserved as the body goes up and down.  This will be a little difficult at first, but will soon become natural.


Worry makes cowards.

Happiness comes from health, not from money.

Co-operation with others is the life of the squad.

Drill is a mental as well as a physical discipline.

Work will take your mind off most of your ills.

Obesity comes from overloading the stomach and underworking the body.

Nine-tenths of the “blues” come from a bad liver and lack of outdoor exercise.

Wearing the same weight underclothing the year around will save you a lot of colds.

Your nose, not your mouth, was given you to breathe through.

Short shoes and shoes that don’t fit cost a lot in the long run.

Blood pressure does not come to the men who walk a lot out of doors; instead it looks for those who sit and eat a lot indoors.

Two men in an eight-oared shell may be able to go faster than the other six, but they never win the race that way.



Wave:  (The order is “Wave.  Ready—­Cross.  Arms up.  Wave!”) Assume the “Cross” position.  The arms are then stretched straight above the head, the fingers interlaced and the arms touching the ears. (See Fig. 11.)

[Illustration:  Fig. 11.—­Correct position, start of wave]

On a count of “One, two, three, four” a complete circle, of about twenty-four inches in diameter, is described with the hands, the body bending only at the waist.  The trunk should be bent as far backward as forward, and as far to one side as to the other. (See Fig. 12.)

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