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Then on the count of “One, two, three, four” the body is slowly bent sideways from the waist, the right hand slipping down the right leg to or beyond the knee, and the left arm bending in a half-circle over the head until the fingers touch the right ear. (See Fig. 8.) At “Four” the position of “Cross” is quickly resumed, and at “Two” of the next counting the right palm is turned up and the exercise is completed in the opposite direction.

[Illustration:  Fig. 8 Crawl, second position]

In the “Crawl” position it is not necessary, in the beginning of the exercise, to slide the hand down the hip any farther than is perfectly comfortable.  But this distance should be gradually increased, and it will be found quite easy to do this as the muscles of the side become more and more supple.

Curl:  (The order is “Curl.  Ready—­Cross.  Curl!”) Assume the “Cross” position.  In this movement, at “Cross” the feet are spread until the heels are about twelve inches apart.  The left foot remains stationary, the right foot being moved to accomplish this.  On a count of “One, two, three, four,” at the same time inhaling slowly, the fists and lower arms are bent down from the elbows, which are kept pressed back, and the fists are slowly curled up into the armpits.  This position should be reached at “Three,” when the head and shoulders should be forced back rather strongly, reaching the limit of motion at “Four.” (See Fig. 9.) Again on the count of “One, two, three, four,” at “One” the arms are extended straight forward from the shoulders, with the palms down, and exhalation is begun.

[Illustration 9.  Curl.

In the “Curl” position the head and shoulders should be thrown well back and the fists should go well up into the armpits.  Keep the elbows back so that the entire thorax is lifted forward and up; at the same time take a deep inhalation.]

At “Two” the arms begin to fall and the body bends forward from the waist, head up and eyes front, until, at “Four,” the body has reached the limit of motion and the arms have passed the sides and have been forced back and up (as the trunk assumes a horizontal position) as far as possible.  At this point the abdomen should be well drawn in at the finish of exhalation.

(Note that in this figure the feet are together, an incorrect position for this exercise.) For a third time, on a count of “One, two, three, four” the body is straightened, reaching an upright position, with arms straight forward at “Three.”  “Cross” is assumed at “Four.”  As the body is straightened from the “Wing” position, a full breath should be taken, the lungs being filled, slowly, to the maximum as “Curl” is finally reached.  This breath should be retained and then exhaled as the “Wing” position is taken.  Inhale through the nose.

[Illustration:  CrawlAt this point the raised arm should be curved over the head]

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