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The body is returned to the upright in the same number of counts, and at an unusually slow “One” it is bent as far back as comfortable only from the waist, being returned to the upright at “Two.”  Care should be taken to see that this motion is slow and not jerky.  The entire movement should be repeated five times.

In the “Grasp” position it is not necessary to go to an extreme on the backward movement; only so far as is really comfortable.  In the forward movement the body should come down practically at right angles to the hips, but the head should not be allowed to drop forward.  The head should be kept up, with the elbows back and the eyes looking to the front.


Vacillation and doubt are poison to the nerves.

Fear is the forerunner of illness.

“Eyes in the boat” is as good a maxim at drill as in a shell.

When drinking a glass of water stand erect and take a full breath first; then drink with chest out and hips back and head up.

The men who chase the golf-ball don’t have to pursue the doctor.

Two hours of outdoor exercise by the master never yet made him over-critical of the cook.

[Illustration:  Fig. 6 A.—­Forward position of grasp]

Nature never punished a man for getting his legs tired.  She has punished many for getting their nerves exhausted.

The best record in golf is the record she has made of restored health to the middle-aged.

See how high you can hold your head and deeply you can breathe whenever you are out of doors.

Six to eight glasses of water a day, none with meals, will make you free of doctors.


[Footnote 2:  On the “Cross” position, the arms should be straight out horizontally from the body, with the elbows locked.  At the same time every resistance should be placed against the head and neck coming forward at all.  These should be held in exactly the same position as at “Attention.”  The tendency is either to let the arms bend a little, or to let them drop a little below the horizontal, or even to hold them slightly above the level.]



Crawl:  (The order is “Crawl.  Ready—­Cross.  Crawl!”) Assume the “Cross” position.  The left palm is then turned up, and on a count of “One, two, three, four” the left arm is raised and the right arm is lowered laterally until at “Four” the right arm should be in a position of “Hands,” while the left arm should be extended straight up, with the palm to the right. (See Fig. 7.)

[Illustration:  Fig. 7 Crawl, first position]

[Illustration:  Crawl

In the “Crawl” position it is not necessary, in the beginning of the exercise, to slide the hand down the hip any farther than is perfectly comfortable.  But this distance should be gradually increased, and it will be found quite easy to do this as the muscles of the side become more and more supple.]

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