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Men who have really kept themselves fit are few.  Those who have conscientiously started in to do this and then abandoned it are a host.  There are valid reasons for this lamentable state of affairs.

First—­Because the antiquated systems under which these men have attempted the task have

(1) Occupied too much time; (2) Left men tired instead of refreshed; (3) Exercised muscles which get all they need in a man’s ordinary

Secondly—­Because the instructors who have taught these systems have laid stress upon

(1) Mere increase in size of the muscles; (2) Ability to do “stunts” which are of no practical use to a man; (3) Unnecessary use of apparatus.

Thirdly—­Because they made necessary the services of a teacher to

(1) Lead the exercises; (2) Keep track of their number and variety; (3) Give special treatment to produce results.

But these mistakes are in the past.  Let us look toward a brighter, saner, and more productive future.


The following chapters give a set of exercises carefully tested upon thousands of men, and these exercises will be fully explained so that any individual reader may practise them daily and secure their full benefit.  To each chapter are appended a few health hints, couched in language that is brief and to the point, in order that they may be readily remembered.  The object is to make an efficient working-machine of the man without useless effort, to increase that man’s resistive force against disease, to add to his suppleness and endurance, to give him poise and balance, and to develop co-ordination or control over his muscles.  By doing this his power to work will be augmented, and at the same time any work that he does will be accomplished more readily and with less effort.  Finally his cheerfulness will be increased, and those who work with him or under him or about him will be spared the disagreeable experiences that accompany association with a man whose irritability and irascibility have become part of his daily habit.


We call this system the “Daily Dozen Set-up.”  It is a shorthand system of setting-up exercises for use on any and all occasions.

The “Daily Dozen Set-up” consists of twelve exercises which, for ease in memorizing, are divided into four groups of three exercises each.  Each exercise or movement is given a name, and the names of all the movements of a group commence with the same letter, thus: 

 Group I group II group III group IV

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