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Wave:  Assume “Reach” position.  Now bend the arms sharply at wrists and just let the fingers interlock.  Bring the inside of elbow close to head, keeping head up.  Then, by turning the body at the hips and keeping the back straight, cause the hands to make a complete circle of the diameter of a foot (Fig. 14).  Do this five times, and then reverse for five times. (See Fig. 12, Chapter XIII.) Rest ten seconds.  Then deep breathing, lifting arms on inhalations and crossing them on exhalations.

[Illustration:  Fig. 14.—­WaveExcellent demonstration]

No. 3.  Attention!

Stride:  Separate the feet by taking a step to right, bringing the feet about eighteen inches apart.

[Illustration:  Weave—­Common fault of not keeping shoulders and arms in line.]

Weave:  Turn the body at the hips while keeping the arms horizontally extended and bending the right knee slightly.  Bring the right hand down to the ground midway between the feet and let the left arm go up, keeping its horizontal position from the body, the spine doing the turning.  Hold this position five seconds; then up to “Cross” position and turn the body the reverse way, bending left knee and bringing left hand to ground.  Hold five seconds, then up.  Repeat five times for each hand. (See Fig. 14, Chapter XIII.)

Curl:  From “Cross” position, clench the fists and bring arms in slowly to the side and up into the armpits, at the same time bending the body and head backward (Fig. 15).  The fists should be clenched and the wrists bent, bring the hands in toward the chest, the elbows out, and inhaling.  (See Fig. 9, Chapter XII.)

[Illustration:  Fig. 15.—­“CurlPositionExcellent demonstration except that the elbows should be thrown back]

Forward:  From the above position, gradually bring the body up to an erect position, extending the hands to a “Reach” position, and slowly bend the body forward at the hips, exhaling at the same time, and letting the hands go back past the hips and as high behind the back as possible, keeping the head up and the eyes looking directly forward, not down.  Go down about to the level of the wrist, then back to “Cross” position again, and repeat this backward and forward movement five times.

No. 4.  Attention! (Cross-Crawl!) Assume the “Cross” position.

Crawl:  While still keeping the neck back, the chin, and the chest arched, slowly lift the right hand and arm until it points directly upward, then curl in right arm over the head, at the same time dropping the left shoulder and sliding the left hand and arm down along the side of the left leg until the fingers reach directly to the knee, or as far as comfortable.  Now come back from this position. (See Figs. 7 and 8, Chapter XII.) “Cross” once more and raise the other arm in similar fashion.  Repeat this five times on each side.

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