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Beginning with “Marking Time!” Now raise the feet alternately from the ground, a little higher each time, until the knees come up practically to a level with the waist.  Then perform this same motion on the toes and shift into a run while still holding the same position—­that is, while going up and down on the toes.  Men who have considerable weight around the waist-line should place their hands on the abdomen when performing this exercise.

Body-turning (Ready-Cross!  Ready-Turn!)

This movement consists in turning the body at the hips while keeping the feet and legs in the original position.  It may be done from almost any of the positions already outlined, and is moderate work for the muscles of the waist.  Do it first with the arms in “Cross” position, turning to the right as far as possible; then back to the “Front,” or original, position; then to the left as far as possible, and back to the “Front,” or original, position, taking pains that the turning is executed above the hips while the legs and feet hold their original position.  A more pronounced method is given in the “Daily Dozen” in “Wave” and “Weave.”

Heel-raising (Ready-Rise!)

Standing on both feet at “Attention,” raise the heels, and hold the position for a moment; then drop the heels again.  Repeat this.

Now, standing in “Stride Position,” go up onto the toes again.  Drop the heels and repeat.

This is an excellent exercise for the muscles of the calf.


No. 1.  Attention! (or “Hands!”)

Hips:  Same position, but hands on hips, elbows back.

Neck (or “Head"):  Same position, but hands on back of neck, elbows back.

Cross:  Same position, but arms extended full length out from body, palms down.

Grind:  Maintaining the “Cross” position, turn palms up, and then make ten circles with hands, the diameter of the circle to be one foot (Fig. 12).  In doing this keep the arms horizontally out from the body, and on the backward sweep try to make the shoulder-blades almost meet at the back. (See Fig. 4, Chapter XI.) Rest ten seconds.  Deep breathing with hands on hips.

[Illustration:  Fig. 12.—­“Grind,” Showing how the palms of hands are turned up in this exercise]

No. 2.  Attention!

Stretch:  Lift arms straight up above head, palms out.

Reach:  Bring arms down, extending them straight out in front.  Palms in, but keep shoulders back.

Fling:  Bend elbows out and bring hands in to chest, palms down.  Then to
“Cross,” back to “Fling” again, and so on ten times. (See Fig. 13.)

[Illustration:  Fig. 13.—­FlingCorrect position]

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