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[Illustration:  Fig. 1.—­Attention]

The movement calls for prompt control of the muscles; in fact, the expression is often used of “snapping into attention,” meaning that the man comes into this position quickly and easily and with a distinct click of the heels.  In the “Daily Dozen” referred to later in this book, this position is called “Hands.”

Arms Cross (Ready-Cross!)

This movement is taken from the position of “Attention” by raising the arms from the sides and turning the palms down; it may be varied by turning the palms up.  Holding the arms in this position, at the same time turning the hands and keeping the neck straight and the chest arched, will develop all the muscles over the shoulder. (See Fig. 2.)

[Illustration:  Fig. 2.—­Arms cross

On the “Cross” position the arms should be straight out horizontally from the body, with the elbows locked.  At the same time, resistance should be placed against the head and neck coming forward at all.  These should be held in exactly the same position as at “Attention.”  The tendency is either to let the arms bend a little or to let them drop below the horizontal, or even to hold them slightly above the level.]

From this position “shoulder-grinding” may be practised.  This is executed by keeping the arms extended, turning the whole arm in a circle in the shoulder socket, and forcing the shoulder-blades back and together as the arms go back.  The circle made by the hands should be about twelve inches in diameter.

Arms Stretch (Ready-Stretch!)

In this exercise the arms are raised to a position straight up above the head, with the hands extended.  The palms may be together or facing front. (See Fig. 3.)

[Illustration:  Fig. 3.—­Arms Stretch]

Hips Firm!

(This order is given, “Hips-Firm!”)

The hands are placed on the hips, with thumbs back and fingers forward.  The chest should be arched, the shoulders and elbows kept well back, and the neck pushed hard against the collar. (See Fig. 4.)

Also the hips should be kept well back and the abdomen in.  This gives the same poise as the “Attention” position, but it puts more work on the shoulder muscles and so gives greater opportunity for arching the chest.  In the “Daily Dozen” this position is called simply, “Hips.”

[Illustration:  Fig. 4.—­Hips firm]

Neck Firm!

(This order is given, “Neck-Firm!”)

Maintaining the same position as in “Hips Firm,” the hands are quickly raised and put against the back of the head (the finger-tips slightly interlaced) just where it joins the neck, exerting some pressure; at the same time the head and neck are forced well back. (See Fig. 5.)

[Illustration:  Fig. 5.—­Neck firm]

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