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should be sufficiently strenuous to induce perspiration.  This is important for several reasons.  In the first place, there is an old saying, which happens to be true, “Never let your blood-vessels get stiff.”  In addition we should call on the tremendous reserve which Nature gives to us, at least once in a while.

[Illustration:  “Counting off” A company in the Yale gymnasium]

[Illustration:  “HeadPositionGroup of one hundred, Senior corps]


Water plays a very important part in the life of man, for without it a person can live for only a short time.  Its importance is shown by experimental fasts lasting for thirty days where only water was taken, and when we consider that the body is composed of from 60 to 70 per cent, of water and that the amount which it throws off as waste has to be replaced through nutrition, we realize the value of water to life.  The average person, therefore, should take from two to four quarts of water a day.

[Illustration:  Result of sixty daystraining in carriageThe two men in front weigh 265 and 230 pounds respectively]

[Illustration:  Look and determination on first day’s march, during which the men carried iron bars weighing nine pounds each]

At middle age it is natural for most people to put on weight, unless they are especially active in their daily life.  For, having acquired a habit of consuming a certain amount of food, it is absolutely essential to exercise and thereby offset the tendency of this food to make fat and increase the weight.  Walking can be enjoyed by everybody, and a four-or five-mile “hike” daily makes your credit at the bank of health mount up steadily.  We should all learn that when we rob the trolley company of a nickel by walking we add a dime to our deposit of health.

Food, of course, is one of the main factors in one’s general health, and we hear on all sides the opinions of people as to the causes of indigestion and the general ailments connected with eating.  One thing is certain, however, and that is that pleasure has a favorable effect on the digestion.  Pleasant company at a meal, the dainty serving of the viands, and the attractiveness of the food combinations pave the way to a satisfactory repast, eaten with enjoyment and completely assimilated.


Because diet is a real aid to physical well-being, the following table is offered as a rough suggestion for a typical dietary for a man leading a more or less sedentary life.  But it will never replace exercise.

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