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Giles Jacob
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I confess, all Histories of extraordinary Conceptions from these Intrigues, or by Women without actual Copulation, are equally fabulous with those of the Engendring of Men:  It would be as surprizing to find a Man with a teeming Belly, as to see a Woman increase there meerly by her own Applications.

I doubt not but this small treatise may put some Persons upon a previous Examination of Robust Females, that they may be at a certainty with respect to mutual Enjoyment; but I would not have them rashly conclude from large Appurtenances only, that they are unnatural, but, on the contrary, agreeable Companions.

To conclude, I fear not the Censure of HERMAPHRODITES, nor of those that would be such to satisfy their vicious Inclinations; neither am I under any apprehensions from the Censure of our Reforming Zealots.

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Tractatus de Hermaphroditis





The Secrets of Nature have in all Ages been particularly examin’d by Anatomists and others, and this of Hermaphrodites is so very wonderful, that I am perfectly assur’d my present Enquiry will be entirely acceptable to all Lovers of curious Discoveries; and as it is my immediate Business to trace every Particular for an ample Dissertation on the Nature of Hermaphrodites, (which obliges me to a frequent Repetition of the Names of the Parts employ’d in the Business of Generation) so, I hope, I shall not be charg’d with Obscenity, since in all Treatises of this Kind it is impossible to finish any one Head compleatly, without pursuing the Methods of Anatomical Writings.

Though in Ovid’s Metamorphosis, Salmacis’s being in Love with Hermaphroditus, and not succeeding in her amorous Wishes, her praying to the Gods to join their Bodies in one, has no Weight in it; yet, that the Notions of Hermaphrodites are not entirely fictitious, I need only mention the Servant of Montuus, who took his Hermaphrodite to be a Male when he lay with his Maids, and for a Female when she lay with her Husband to propagate their Species, the two Hermaphrodites of Licetus, and the Story of Ausonius, which he relates of an Hermaphrodite of Bonavento in Italy; and Histories are full of Confirmations, that many Persons in the World have had the privy Parts of both Sexes.

For the Definition of the Word Sex, it is no other than a Distinction of Male and Female, in which this is most observable, that for the Parts of the Body, there is but little Difference between them; but the Females are colder than the Males, and abound with more superfluous Moisture; wherefore their spermatick Parts are more soft and humid, and all their natural Actions more vigorous than those of Men:  But Hermaphrodites are a mixture of both Sexes, and to both incompleat.

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