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defend himself and his Mistress, Richardo rush’d from Amaryllis and attack’d Sempronius; they fought sometime without any seeming Advantage on either Side, ’til at length the Officer belonging to Richardo knock’d down Sempronius and Richardo ran him to the Heart, Amaryllis, through the Negligence of the Officer, had an opportunity of escaping to a neighbouring House, where, he acquainted the Inhabitants with the dismal Tragedy; upon this Warrants were issu’d from the next Magistrates for Apprehension of Richard, but took Post for Germany, where secur’d himsef:  in a famous Monastery.  In great despair and confusion Amaryllis left the Kingdom of France and travell’d into Italy, to to forget this barbarous Treatment of her unfortunate Lover.  At first she propos’d to retire to some Country Village, and spend the remainder of her Life in Sighs and Groans, and complaining Sonnets; for this purpose she compos’d the following Lines.



Since gay SEMPRONIUS now is gone,
What Comfort yields my Life? 
I shall Unhappy be alone,
My Breast is fill’d with Strife.


The Sun is set e’er Noon arrived,
Sad Glooms around me spread,
No flowing Joys the Lad surviv’d,
He’s now rang’d with the Dead.


SEMPRONIUS Dear, where are ye stole? 
Could I but find thee strait,
I’d cut the Thread of Life my Soul
On thy bless’d Shade would wait.


If to th’ infernal Regions, Woe,
SEMPRONIUS is confin’d;
His Ghost I’ll trace, persue below
To ease my tortur’d Mind.


I still in vain, alas! prepare
In vain I strive to sleep;
My Breast is fill’d with deadly Care
I’ll lay me down and weep.


All worldly Joys I bid adieu,
All Pleasures I forsake;
SEMPRONIUS still I’ll sleep with you;
I’ll with the Touth awake.

Amaryllis did not long continue her Resolution of going into the Country, fearing an invincible Despair would ensue; and upon advising with a Bosom Friend, she was disuaded from it:  Her Intimate thought it might be a Diversion to her Melancholly to repair to some popular City, where a variety of Conversation and airy Entertainments, might, if possible, eraze the Memory of her deceas’d Lover.  Accordingly Amaryllis immediately set out for Ferara, where she had been but an inconsiderable Time, before she accidentally fell into the Company of Theodora, whose Disappointment, already related, was little inferior to hers, and both repeating their Stories, they found so near a Resemblance in their Misfortunes, that they resolv’d to live together as Sisters or inseperable Companions, and to use their utmost Artifices for the Relief of each other.  I have been led into this seeming Romance, to shew particularly the fatal Disappointments attending these two beautiful Females, which were very extraordinary, especially those of the Latter; and to shew, in a particular manner, how these two Ladies first became acquainted, as an Introduction to what follows.  I come now to their Female Intrigues, which were no less uncommon than their Misfortunes.

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